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Music transcends boundaries. Navneeth Sundar is a musician who has proved that point. He is a composer who is famous for ‘iPad Music’. Navneeth Sundar has been one of the very few people to have introduced the concept of creating unique music through an iPad. Naveeth Sundar was born on December 18, 1983, in Tuticorin, a city in Tamil Nadu. His father, Sundar Narayanan was employed in Tuticorin and his mother, Geetha Sundar was a homemaker. Navneeth finished his schooling in Tuticorin in Spic Nagar School and Vana Vani Matriculation School. Naveen has always been passionate about music and set out to make it his life goal. He joined the Indian Music Industry in 2010. He is a keyboard player who was looking to make it big. He started making Youtube videos. What started as a fun, became something that propelled him into the limelight.

Navneeth learned the art of making music with the iPad. He started using the ‘Geo Synthesizer’ app to create music. He started making videos where he played famous songs on his iPad. He became a sensation. His cover songs were unique and mesmerizing. He made a cover for ‘Chinnanjiru Kiliyae’, a Bharathiyar song, rendered by Swetha Mohan as a dedication to her mother. This song got 500 thousand views on Youtube. ‘Carnatic on iPad’ became the talk of the town. Navneeth started creating covers like these which were all well received. Naveen composed a tribute to A.R.Rahman through his iPad Music which was shared by the Mozart himself. This popularised Navneeth and his art. He started doing live shows with big stars like Sivamani, Karthick, Aman Ali Khan and Stephen Devassy Stephen Devassy is a music artist who started from >> Read More... . Navneeth performed a Carnatic fusion concert with Bombay Jayashree.

He even accompanied the Maestro Ilayaraja in the latter’s stage show. He wanted people to know about this amalgamation of music and technology. Naveeth got his chance as a composer for the Telugu film ‘Buddy’. His music was well received by the audience. His major break came through the film ‘ Guppedantha Prema Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ in which all the songs were a hit. He also finished the music for the film ‘Ticket’ set to release in 2017. Navneeth composes music for films, does videos on Youtube and makes individual music albums. He has performed in ‘ Music Mojo Music Mojo is a popular and youthful and for the y >> Read More... ’, a Music show by Kappa TV. Navneeth gave a performance cum speech at a TED Talk event in Chennai. Navneeth feels iPad music is a wonderful mixture of technology and music which has a unique feel of its own. He uses this in all of the films he composes music. Navneeth Sundar is a unique talent who has brought a refreshing change to Indian music.


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