Monali chowdary is a telugu actress. She was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Monali’s real name is Madhu chowdary but there are many of heroines in industry are having same name that’s the reason her mother changed her screen name into Monali chowdery. She completed her Btech in Architecture from JNTU Masbtank, Hyderabad. One day, her friends sent her pictures to Big FM then she went for auditions and then she selected for movie called happy days. She got fame into happy day’s movie. And her character was very popular and the name was sangeetha. Many of them do not know her real name. Everybody knows her with Sangeetha name only. She likes actors and actress like Sidharth, Nagarjuna, Ajay devagan, saif Ali khan, tabu and shabana azmi. And she likes movies like Aithe, anand, Grahanam, raincoat and etc. Monali’s hobbies are painting, writing, and designing. And she also likes dancing and acting. Her parent’s were encouraged her for happy days movie and the director shekar kammula was also helped her. She was differentiating architecture and acting in her own words is: Acting needs both body and mind and Architecture needs mind to concentrate on it.

She also acted in serials like Yuva in Telugu. It was very popular serial at that time.

Movies: Happy days, Yuvatha, Shashirekha parinayam, Life style, etc

Serials: Yuva.