Sudeepa or Pinky is a Telugu, film actress. She began acting at a very tender age of 5 years. She is from Tadepalli Gudem. She has 22 years of acting experience. Sudeepa’s parents are classical dance teachers, and their names are Surya Narayana and Sathyavathi. They run Sri Sathya Sai dance academy. Through her grandfather Killadi Sathyam Garu, who was also a classical dancer and who has a record of dancing 42 hours continuously, she got a chance to act in a movie as a child artist in the year of 1992. Her first movie was M. Dharmaraju M.A. After that she worked for Alludugaru Vacharu and Maa Annaya movies. She got a chance to act in Rukmini movie but because of her health problems, she could not act in that movie.

At her 9th standard, she got a chance to act in the movie called Nuvvu Naku Nachav. In this movie, she acted as a heroine’s sister and the name of that character was Pinky. From that movie, onwards everyone calls her as Pinky. She got popularity through that pinky character. She always appears in sister like characters in movies. She has worked for many movies. She worked in serials also. She also acted in Tamil movie like 7/g Brundhavan Colony. She got married to Sri Ranganath, who works as a Software Engineer. From their early childhood, they both studied together, and that sparked love between them. Her parents accepted their love and three years back they got married. She said that her husband chooses her dressing style and accessories. Her husband desires her to be a good actress. And Pinky’s desire is to become an RJ because she has good speaking skills. She likes music, and now she is learning music. She wants to do more good characters.

Serials: Kotha bangaram, Mavichiguru, Sunayana, Pasupu Kunkuma.

Movies: Nee Sneham, Nuvvu Naku Nachav, M.Dharmaraju M.A, Alludugaru Vacharu, Maa Annaya, Legend, Mr. Perfect, Manasutho, Pilisthe Palukutha, Veduka, Bommarillu, Asadhyudu, 7/G Brundavan Colony, Anasuya, Anandamanandamaye, Amaravathi, Modhati cinema, Andhrudu ,etc.

DOB: February 28, 1987.

Lahari Telugu Actress


Lahari is a childhood actress. She acted in one movie called Arjun as a child actress. This was her first movie. After that she took 4 to 5 years break for her studies. She was born and brought up at Hyderabad. Lahari’s mother is a house wife and her father vishwanathan is a private employee. After 4 years break, she got a chance in chakravakam and it was a big hit serial. With his father’s permission, she acted in that serial and after that she got a chance in Radha-Madhu serial. This was the big break for her. She acted more than 12 serials. She also acted as supporting roles in movies like Body guard, orange, Don Seenu, and Kandireega. And she got good fame through movies also.She completed her in 2012 and she also selected in campus interview. She was having attendance problem at time, but principal did not give permission to her for acting because the principle did not like artists. She kept a condition for her that if lahari gets good academic records then only ‘I will give permission’. Lahari got distrinction in Btech. Now she is telling lahari’s example to other students. She likes dancing. She participated in many shows. Lahari’s serials are very popular in Telugu. She has many fans are there for her serials. She did only 12 serials but the number of episodes is more. She was recollecting many incidents that one of her fan kept her daughter’s name were Tulasi and this was Lahari’s serial character name why because her daughter is to become like tulasi. And one girl in Dubai, she likes Lahari very much. That girl used to talk with lahari and when she came to Hyderabad, she first met lahari and she gave Burz of kalifa tower doll to Lahari. She will get water in her eyes, when she recollect that incidents. She acted in many serials like Mogalirekulu, chakravakam, Mudhubidda, and etc. she got Nandi award for Julie character (Radha-Madhu). Recently, Tv9 team was celbrated her b’day with actor Kaushik. Serials: Mogalirekulu, Mudhubidda, chakravakam, Radha-Madhu, Mamathala kovela, Dr. Chakravarthi, Kalyana thilakam, and etc. Movies: orange, Body guard, Kandireega, Don Seenu. DOB: Dec 8 Shows: Maa tea awards, bhale chancele, star mahila, modern mahalakshmi, Ali 369, cash, etc