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Telugu Movie Actress Latha Hegde
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Born in Bangalore in Karnataka, India on May 27th 1993, Latha Hegde is an Indian actress. She is a newcomer in the glamour industry but has the potential to reach the pinnacle of fame. Although Latha was born in India, she along with her family moved to New Zealand when she turned seven years old. Latha was brought up in Auckland, a city in New Zealand and doesn’t come from a family with a filmy background. Latha never had any plans of pursuing acting and it all just happened by chance.

She considers herself lucky enough to have bagged a role in a Telugu film without any experience in this particular field. Latha completed her graduation from the University of Auckland where she held two college degrees in Marketing and Human Resources Management. After graduating from the college, she had no idea what she would do in the future to earn a living. But then ‘ Tuntari Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ happened. Latha had a charming personality and beautiful features. This was all she needed to become a model.

Latha started her modeling career by entering the Miss India New Zealand beauty contest. She not only participated in the competition but also emerged as a winner of the beauty pageant. After the success of this event, she received a call from India, and she got to know about the Telugu film, Tuntari. Initially, she thought someone was messing with her and didn’t believe this news at all. According to her, it all happened so suddenly, and she didn’t know how to react.

The director of the film Tuntari, Kumar Nagendra Kumar Nagendra is a versatile Telugu director, who >> Read More... , noticed her beauty and talent when he saw her social media account created by her modeling agency for her modeling assignments. Nagendra couldn’t find Latha’s details immediately, and it took him three long months to finally contact her. Nagendra got her contact details from her modeling agent located in New Zealand. When he sent her a text on Facebook, she thought someone was making a fool of her. But she got to know soon enough through her friends in Hyderabad that it was not at all a joke.

Latha then traveled to Hyderabad in India for the shooting of the movie. In the film Tuntari, she portrayed the character of a young and naive girl who falls head over heels for a sportsperson. She was cast opposite Rohit Nara in Tuntari. According to Latha, Rohit was friendly, supportive and extremely skillful throughout the shooting. Latha found acting in this film difficult because of the language differences. She didn’t know Telugu at all and had to learn everything. But for her it was enthralling experience acting in this movie. 


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