Birthday: 26-12-1924
Age: 94
Star sign: Capricorn


C Krishnaveni is a Telugu actress born on 26 December 1924 in Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh. Krishnaveni is a veteran, versatile film director, producer, actress and a singer. Krishnaveni made her debut in the Tollywood industry at the age of 10 years in Sati Anasuya– Druva in the year 1936. Krishnaveni got married to Mirjapuram Raja, who was a Telugu, movie producer. Krishnaveni owns her production company Meka Rajyalaxmi Anuradha, named after her daughter. She has done a dozens of movie like Dakshyagnam, Brahma Ratham, Mana Desam. Krishnaveni as a producer has also produced half a dozen movies such as Mana Desam, Gollabhama, and Bhakta Prahlada. She also gave her voice as a playback singer in two movies. In 2004, she was honored by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh Raghupathi Venkaiah Award for her paramount contribution in the Telugu Industry.

Prominent music director Ramesh Naidu was introduced to her in the film Dampatyam. Not only Krishnaveni has her contribution in Telugu, but she had also done some prominent roles in Tamil and Kannada. Krishnaveni movies generally promoted Telugu traditional values and ethics. Mana Desam was the movie produced by her, and she also played the role of leading actress in it, the movie proved to be a significant milestone of her career. Currently, Krishnaveni owns two production houses MRA Productions and Sobhanachala Banners which earlier used to be known as Jaya Pictures. Krishnaveni's contribution in the Telugu cinema is significant, and her legacy will continue to inspire the upcoming traditional artists.

Another Version Of Bio :

Krishnaveni is a veteran Indian actor, director, artist, singer, and producer. She was born in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, and India. She has the Indian nationality. She has also known as C. Krishnaveni and M. Krishnaveni. She was born on December 26 and in the year 1924. Her spouse name is Meka Rangaiah Appa Rao. Her daughter name is Meka Rajya Lakshmi Anuradha. She is also a professional drama artist. She did her first project as a child artist. She did her debut as a child artist with Sati Anasuya-Dhruva in the year 1936. She is 94 years old. She had acted in the 15 plus Telugu films. Her spouse is a Vice-chancellor of Andhra University. Her filmography list includes as Sati Anasuya Druva in the year 1936, Mohini Rugmangada in the year 1937, Kacha Devayani in the year 1938, Malli Pelli in the year 1939, Mahananda in the year 1939, Jeevana Jyoti in the year 1940, Bhishma in the year 1944, Brahma Ratham in the year 1947.

Her other projects are as Madalasa in the year 1948, Mana Desam in the year 1949, Gollabhama, and Dakshayagnam in the year 1962. She had also worked in the Tamil as well as the Kannada Language. Her spouse is the King of Mirzapuram. Meka Rangaiah is also a Tamil movie producer. She has preserved Telugu art and culture in her movies. As a producer, she did the project Mana Desam. It is the milestone of Telugu film in the year 1949. She did various movies as an actor as well as a producer. She has also done singing and recorder number of songs in her voice. She also owns the productions company as MRA productions on her daughter's name Meka RajyaLakhsmi Anuradha.

She has also produced various movies like Mana Desam in the year 1949, Lakshmamma, Dampatyam in the year 1957, Gollabama and Bhakta Prahlada. She is the recipient of the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award in the year 2004 for her contribution of Telugu Film Industry. She did various recordings in her voice. Her albums include as Kadambadi Amman in the year 2012, Yogi Vemana in the year 1947, Baburu Vahana and Mana Desam in the year 1949. Her songs are available on YouTube, Gaana, JioSaavn, and Hungama. Her record labels are Sharp Video, Satyam Audios, and Saregama. She also did the devotional albums, which has named as Azhagu.