Avantika Mishra is a model turned actress was born on the 30th of May 1992 in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... , India, she is the daughter of an Air Force officer M K Mishra and Savita Mishra. Avantika also has a younger brother Agnivesh. She studied at Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and did her chemical engineering in BMS engineering college, Bangalore.

Avantika started her modelling career that required her to travel frequently hence giving her the confidence to step foot onto the big screens; Avantika has modelled for brands like Puma, Chennai brands and Femina, She was recently offered to play a role in the movie Maaya by director Neelakanta in the year 2014.

Now she has signed 2 Telugu movies one of which is named Kerintha which is under the banner Dilraju.

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Avantika’ was born on 30th May 1992 in New Delhi. Her full name is Avantika Mishra. Her parents are M.K. Mishra, an Air Force officer and Savita Mishra. She has a younger brother named Agnivesh. She studied in Air force Golden Jubilee Institute and pursued Chemical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. Since her dad was in Airforce she travelled entire India. She is more of a south Indian because she did her B.Tech from Bangalore and been there for almost 8 years before stepping into films. In childhood, she was very studious and used to be active in sports. Her life was only about studies and sports. She never felt that she could act but it actually happened.

Avantika wanted to become a model and dreamt of becoming Miss India Miss India was a TV serial that was aired on Doord >> Read More... . Her parents being very educated never wanted other things to hamper her studies. But when modeling happened to her, they were very skeptical initially but finally agreed to go ahead. It was her Mom’s idea to see Avantika as an actress because she believed that there would not be much growth in Modeling. She suggested her to get into movies and it was only because of her blessings and support that she got to the big screen. Avantika comes from a defense background and her folks were apprehensive about her entry into showbiz. “Initially, my parents were not happy with my decision. I never planned to do films because when I started modeling, I wanted to participate in beauty pageants. When films happened, it was like a cultural shock for my parents. They were more scared about my safety in the industry. But once I started working, I met good people and they were satisfied and relaxed” she says. She is seriously considering settling down in one city because she has been shuttling between Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad for the past few years that makes her feel like a gypsy. Now, she has made up her mind to move to Mumbai permanently and see how things go.

Ashwini Chandra Sekhar

Ashwini Chandrasekhar is a prominent actress from South India who performs in Kannada Films. She does a great job and the audience also likes her performances. She has done many movies and has won the heart of her audience.. Ashwini was born in Karnataka and her mother tongue is Kannada. She began her career in this industry with the career in modeling and she was a great model. She also won the first runner up prize in the contest of Miss Vivel which was held in 2011. She has achieved a lot in her life step by step. She achieved as a model first and then as an actor. She began her career in modeling in Bangalore. Then she gained popularity and began her career in films through her first Kannada movie ‘Prema Pallaki’ which was released two years ago i.e.,in 2015.which was an amazing film. V Sudhakar Shetty is the director of this film and Ashwini Chandaresekhar played the lead role in the film. Prema Pallaki is a drama film and it has action as well and that makes it an action drama film which hit the screens and the audience felt that the movie was good and worth watching. The film also consists of actors Ananth Nag and Ramesh Bhatt. With the help of this film, the famous action- choreographer Peter Hein made his career, achieved a lot with this film and became successful. He returned to Kannada Film Industry and did wonders. Ashwini belongs to Karnataka. She also likes studying and she is really good at it. She is also pursuing her Engineering in Bangalore.. Her another film, recently released, Aavu Puli Madhyalo Pelli is also an incredible effort of the team and the film hit the screens and everyone loved the film so much. The director of the film is S.J. Chaitanya and the producer of the film is Ravi Pachipala. This film was a low budget film but the efforts weren’t less. The team did great and the movie was vey successful.. In this film Ashwini is the sister of a dreaded goon who hates women including her sister (Ashwini) and the story revolves around them. Ashwini also fell in love with a guy named Prabhas in the film. Ashwini contributed a lot in the Kannada film industry and did a lot of amazing work all throughout and continues to do so.

Ashwini Chandra Sekhar Telugu Actress