Anjali Rao is an Indian actress who acts in Kollywood. She is best known for her role as the ghost in Tamil movie ‘ Baby Click to look into! >> Read More... Baby ’ that released in 2015. It is believed that this horror movie was drafted for Anjali Rao (Anne), the ghost. Some of the scenes that she displays are really shocking. The great thing is that whenever she performed in a single scene of this film, it gave a lot of scares and goosebumps moments. Director Suresh, who wrote the story and penned the screenplay, had even shot the whole movie under his control.

Anjali had rehearsed for this role of a ghost, and she loved doing it, and even it had every amazing scene with the child actor Shira Gaarg Debutante Shira Gaarg, who played the mother of a >> Read More... Shira Gaarg and the whole show was really amazing too. The film released among some big banner releases such as Kamal Haasan’s ‘ Papanasam Click to look into! >> Read More... Papanasam ’ but yet the film fared well in box office among intellectual classes. It may be noted that most of the ghost stories are always meant to be stereotype where the ghosts are meant to take revenge. But this was a drama of emotion where Anne, the ghost made her appurtenances in order to strike a chord with her separated child.

Some scenes which Anjali Rao did were indeed shocking and well executed! The film was a joint venture project between R.K. Entertainment and Sri Annamalaiyar Studios. This film indeed presented some of the most chilling scenes in Tamil cinema, and this movie had played down it supernatural elements.

Rinil Routh Telugu Actress

Rinil Routh

Rinil Routh is basically an Indian, born in Hannover, Germany. She is popularly known for her movie ‘Rhythm’ which released in February 2016 and, did a fair business commercially. She spent her childhood in Queens, New York, USA. She is well a trained Kathak dancer; she was a student of Pandit Birju Maharaj, Saraswati Sen and, Pandit Satya N Chakra, who are all considered as the legends of this beautiful Indian classical art form or dance form called Kathak. To add to it, she has been trained in other street styles like Hip Hop and modern styles and, in styles like Jazz and Belly Dancing from the very respected training institute called the Broadway Dance Center. To expand her list of talents, she is trained in Hindustani classical music. Her acting skills have been shaped in the Herbert Berghoff Studio, New York, USA and, in India from the Anupam Kher ’s acting school, Mumbai. She is well educated with a B.Sc in Psychobiology from S.U.N.Y (State University of New York), Binghamton and she obtained her J.D from New York Law School, USA. She has done studies for some time while at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Her parents are Subhash Routh and Anita Routh. Her brother is an actor, Bobby Routh AKA Subrata Routh, who has acted in several well-liked films like ‘Genius’, ‘Royal Kill’, and others. Her debut movie in 2016 was highly awaited. The name of the film is ‘Rhythm’, a big budget romantic musical, whose direction is taken up by Vivek Kumar AKA ‘Vicky’, who is well known for his movies like ‘Zor’, ‘Lakeer’, and others. She is starring opposite Adeel Chaudhry, who is a renowned singer, actor and a song-writer from Pakistan and has appeared in many movies, dramas and others. She got selected for the lead in the movie because of her abundant experience in dancing and her excellent dancing skills. She plays the role of ‘Avantika’ who is a dancer in the film. Vivek Kumar, the director of the movie said that he chose her because she had all the qualities that he wanted in the character. She was a true Indian at heart. And as she was from New York, she had the exact outlook for the character. Also she was a professional dancer, so that was a big plus point. As the movie is based in a foreign location college, he wanted to show artists from varied backgrounds and cultures to make it look more real and authentic. The film also stars other actors like Gurleen Chopra, Vibhu Raghav, Kuba Gras and, others. This movie is based entirely in Poland. Salman Ahmed from the band ‘Junoon’ has a cameo in the film. She was seen previously in the movie ‘Chooriyan’ which was a Drama/Romance film starring actors like Vinod Khanna, Gracy Singh and others.


Annie Sekhon

A beautiful, headstrong woman is the need of the cutting edge silver screen, and this Ludhiana-based girl with the name Annie Sekhon is a promising face in the television industry. She finds acting as a medium to escape the world for a little, and she manages to be a different person every time and with spotless elegance. She was nurtured in Noida at Asian Academy of Films and Television (AAFT) and came to Mumbai with a bag full of aspirations. Zee Network’s ‘Yahaan Ke Hum Sikandar’ was her first take towards where she is today where she lived the life of Ashima in a negative role. And just like no such person admits to be bad, she didn’t too! Ashima is a school girl facing multiple challenges in her life. Sony TV was impressed by her debut, and she managed to mesmerize the audience with her serious yet charming role in ‘Parvarish’ under the production of Sony TV. She has lost her parents and went ahead to feel the misery of her character. Her next step to stardom came in ‘Bhaangarh’ where she is played the role of Jaspreet or "Jazz". "Bhaangarh" is actually a haunted place in Madhya Pradesh and six college students in search of adventure ignore the warning signs and enter. The story released in 2014 depicts the haunted incidents and the need for survival which comes after. Next, she could be seen playing in the movie ‘Kaum De Heere 2’ along-with Sukhdeep Sukh, Arun Bali and CJ Singh. It was directed by Ravinder Ravi. She played ‘Neha Purohit’ on Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 52 aired on national television on 23rd December 2015. Here, she is playing a strong independent single woman enjoying her life and her work and when her neighbours and her past threaten her. In conjunction with the above, she could be the seen as a face of one or other advertisements namely Blue Heaven, Comfy Bags, Jaago Grahak Jaago, Oriental Bank of Commerce and She believes in hard work and dedication, and shows her versatile talent through her work. She strongly feels that commitment and self-discipline would help remember her audience about who she was and (more) what she played.

Annie Sekhon Telugu Actress