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Sidhu Jonnalagadda, an Indian actor, made his debut in the Telugu film industry with director Praveen Sattaru’s movie ‘Life before wedding’ in 2011. Next he did ‘Boy meets girl Tholiprema Katha’ in 2014. Both these movies were characterized under the genre of romance by the critics, and thus, they did not provide much to the expectant audience. Along with this, he also worked in a Tamil movie called Vallinam. After working in RGV’s Ice cream 2, he decided to go on a break for one year and came back with Mahesh Manjrekar’s ‘ Guntur Talkies Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. He was very excited to work with this director and he asked him to give him work by which he got this movie in 2015. This movie marks him as a distinct identity from what he had through his debut movie and other movies before. He plays a role of a slum boy from the slums of Guntur in this movie.

When asked in an interview about his character in this movie, he said that he played a slum dweller wearing shabby clothes throughout. There is no social structure prevalent in the story, and he specifically has no class. The story is enclosed entirely in the slums and its atmosphere. He said that it is a retro kind of a film and very close to the ground; very raw in simple terms. He described his character as a dumb character who can charm the women around him only through some traits in his personality which he himself isn’t aware of. Two actresses are working alongside him; Shraddha Das The model turned actor, Shraddha Das is one among >> Read More... and Rashmi Gautam Rashmi Gautam is an actress who mainly works in Te >> Read More... . The film is a realistic one with a little bit of humor here and there. It is ornamented with a very fresh music by Sricharan. He is an actor who aspires to stay for long in the industry, and that is why he chooses the films he does with utter prudence.


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