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Other names of Pulipala Nanda Kishore: Nanda Kishore, Pulipala Nandha kishore
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'Pulipala Nanda Kishore Nanda Kishore is one of the multi-talented people >> Read More... ' is a Telugu serial and movie actor. Pulipala was born in Chilakaluripet, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. His father is an employee of the Indian Railways, which is why their family settled in Hyderabad. His father’s name is Pulipala Venkata Ramana Garu, and he is also a stage artist and has previously acted in a movie called Hyderabad Blues, in which Nanda Kishore was also casted, making it his debut movie. When he was in 7th class, he would act in dramas with his father on daily cultural programs. His first Guru in acting was his father. Because of his father’s encouragement, he participated in shows since his childhood. When he was in college, he joined the Bhumika theater group, whose founder was Garikapati Udhayabanu Garu, a railways employee and a good friend of Nanda Kishore’s father. G. Udhayabanu Garu was his Guru in acting.

He learnt a lot from Bhumika Production, including discipline, punctuality, and acting, of course. In an interview, he said concerning the performing arts (theatre, especially), that we can mold our life with theater, and if you are not a good human being, you cannot become a good artist. Since class 10th, he has performed in many dramas with folk formats in Telugu and Hindi languages. While regularly performing in stage dramas, he was offered a role in a TV serial. In 2001, he got the chance to play a constable in “Athagaru Kotha Kodalu”, a serial showcased on Maa TV, and subsequently, he acted in “Veluugu Needalu”, in which he was casted as a villain. After that, Radhika Garu offered him a role in “Suryavamsham”, his first breakthrough in the TV serials industry. He later acted in the “ Sravanthi Sravanthi Chokarapu (born on June 6) is an Indian >> Read More... ” serial, aired on Gemini TV, through which he acquired fame. Through his role in “Surya Vamsam”, people began to think he was Tamilian. He later married, and had a daughter.

The first drama he acted in was called “Vaapasu”. He has also anchored many shows including “ Moguds Pellams Maa TV always brings most entertaining and realist >> Read More... ”. Further, he has participated in dance reality shows like Narthanashala and Star War 2, which he won. He is also a singer and he used to sing regularly in temples. In the Telugu industry, Thammareddy Baradhwaja Garu encouraged him a lot as an actor. He gave Nanda a chance to act in his serial, “ Swathi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ”,“Moguds Pellams”, and the movie,“Pothe Poni”. Apart from being an actor, singer, and dancer, he is also a mimicry artist. He is a multi-faceted person with several talents. He is also a producer and director. He has received many awards including the Best Actor award from Aradhana, Yuva Kala Vahini, Swathi Art Creation, and A.P Cine Association. He is now concentrating on movies, but apart from them, he currently acts in the serial, “ Kanchana Ganga Kanchanaganga is a Telugu daily serial which was b >> Read More... ”, shown on Maa TV. He completed his 10th class and higher education from Railway School and Railway College. Nanda Kishore’s nickname is Nandu.

Serials: Velugum Needalu, Swathi, Athagaru Kothakodalu, Surya Vamsham, Sravanthi, Manchu Pallaki Manchu Pallaki is a relative small series that bro >> Read More... , Sindhuram, Ankuram, Kanchana ganga, etc.

Movies: Hyderabad Blues-2, Pothe Poni, Garshana, Dhrona, Midhanam, etc.

Another Version of this Bio...

Nanda Kishore, also known as Nandu, was born in Chilakaluripet, Guntur, and brought up in Hyderabad. He completed his diploma in acting and scored distinction level grades in the mimicry category, which yielded him the highest rank among his classmates. His father, Dulipala Venkataramana, was a railways employee, as well as a famous drama artist, who performed in the Opera Theatre in their region. He provided the main source of encouragement for Nanda Kishore to become a stage artist. Nanda was mentored by famous teacher and Guru, Mr. Garikapati Uday Bhanu for stage action classes. He performed his first stage show at the age of 10. Since his childhood, he showed enthusiasm in his acting performances, as well as in sports like cricket. He has a strong background of theatre performance, and coupled with his father’s contacts, he was given many chances to work in serials and later in movies as well. His debut serial, “Athagaru Kotha Kodallu”, aired on Maa TV in 2001, in which he played the role of a Police Constable. The year 2005 marked a turning point in his career when he received an offer to star in “Surya Vamsam”, a Tamil serial, from Radaan TV, by the famous South Indian actress, Radhika. In Telugu, he was popularly received by varied audiences of all ages through his role of an obedient husband, Jagan, in the serial, “Chi. La. Sow. Sravanthi”, alias “Sravanthi”. This serial became a milestone in his career through the special reception he got from audiences of diverse regions.

Nanda Kishore is a multi-talented person with skills of acting, anchoring game shows and stage shows, mimicking celebrities and also singing folk songs. With his multitude of admirers, he has been welcomed into movies with his debut movie being, “Hyderabad Blues 2”, in which he played the role of a lawyer. His father, who himself acted in the movie, Hyderabad Blues, in the role of father to the protagonist, greatly influenced Nanda by making a few arrangements and introducing his son to the film industry. After that, he was able to grab the attention of different audiences through movies like Hyderabad Blues 2, Pothe Poni, Gharshana, and Drona. He is presently working on upcoming movies while looking forward to playing the best roles available to prove his caliber.

He was awarded 12 different awards, all for the Best Actor category, 4 of which were achieved for his role in the serial, “Sravanthi”. His career started from the stage show of a skit called “Vaapasu”, but with regular increments in his talent as well as offers, he is progressing towards his goal of becoming a famous actor, someday. Besides acting, he is famously known for his nostalgic performance in the CCL Cricket game played between movie stars and celebrities. He played on behalf of the team, Telugu Warriors, led by famous actor, Venkatesh. Nanda Kishore has been a successful team member and has showcased outstanding performances despite not being in complete fitness. He is currently working on the serial, “ Rama Seetha Ekkada”, airing on Zee Telugu.

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