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Anil Kalyan

Anil Kalyan is an upcoming Indian actor who primarily works in the Telugu language film industry. Although his full name is Sai Anil Kalyan, he has dropped the prefix ‘Sai’ from his name for commercial purposes. Anil made his debut in Tollywood when he featured in “Waiting For You” as a supporting character. “Waiting For You” also had Gayathri, Jeeva, and Raghu Babu as well. In this movie, the director P Suneel Kumar Reddy wanted to highlight the problems of a common man. The plot revolves around a sweeper who narrates the topics such as communalism, greed, corruption, and terrorism. “Waiting For You” also raised the subject of hypocrisy by politicians as well. It got released in the year 2013. Critics suggested that the flick is not for those who seek entertainment in the form of cinema. They also mentioned that the aim of this motion picture is to make the audience aware of such critical issues. In 2014, Anil got one of the lead roles in Oka Criminal Prema Katha which roughly translates to “A Criminal’s Love Story” in Telugu. This movie begins with Sreenu falling in love with Bindu. However, Bindu left the village to take admission at a Vizag-based college. Sreenu decided to be with Bindu and went to Vizag. To Sreenu’s surprise, Bindu approaches him with an offer of an assassination of a person. In its review of Oka Criminal Prema Katha, Deccan Chronicle stated that the makers kept the college students in their minds while making the movie. The publication praised the story too. Most of the reviewers said that this flick is not for everyone as it could negatively “affect” children due to its violent nature. They appreciated the director for his handling of bold and intimate scenes so that it did not look vulgar. In 2015, Anil starred in a comic caper Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithe which is a comedy of errors. In DTT, two kidnappers abduct a relative of a minister and ask for the ransom of one crore rupees. When the duo is on their way to receive money, they lose his niece. At the same, a group of friends saves the girl. They bring her to the minister’s house where he mistakes them for abductors and gives them one crore rupees. DTT received mixed reviews and earned an amount of two crore rupees at the Box-Office. His other projects include Chithrama Bhalare Vichitram and Aame Yevaru.

Anil Kalyan Telugu Actor