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Naveen Polishetty, who is best known for his writing skills, acting skills and, best of all, as a comedian, he had to face many situations to come to this stage. He was born on 27th December 1989 in Hyderabad, India. He belongs to a family where everyone is well educated, and many of them are IITians and Engineers and well-settled people. He, by himself, is an engineering graduate and software employee who discovered his passion for acting,

and so he left his job in Pune. After quitting the job, Naveen went to Mumbai, and after a few days there, he realized it is different to get an opportunity there. So he went back to his previous job and went to England. But he was still not finding his happiness in his usual work, so he once again quit the job and started attending workshops on acting in Bangalore. When he came back from England permanently,

he did not tell his parents about him leaving his job,so they thought he was on vacation. In 2014 he went back to Mumbai, and during this phase where he has not enough money he used to host live events and did a few odd jobs to continue his acting career. Then he finally got a chance to become a stand-up comedian and joined AIB(All India Backchod).He gota good response from the audience for his comic roles in stand-up,so he ended up becoming a stand-up comedian in AIB, where he directed a web series called “HONEST ENGINEERING CAMPUS PLACEMENTS” which was entertaining.

He played one of the crucial roles in Chetan Bhagat’s play called “Five point someone.” Later his work with AIB got recognized, and then he started to get offers in series and small movies as friend character. Naveen got his first role as lead actor in 2019 in the movie called “AGENT SAI SRINIVAS ATHREYA” where his acting was remarkable. He also made his Hindi debut as the ACID in the movie called “CHICHHORE,” where his acting was splendid and good therapy for the audience due to uncontrollable laughter throughout the movie. In 2018 he was recognized for being the best performer and comedian. So he received a “HASH AWARD” for his performance.


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