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Telugu Movie Actor Puvvula Suri Babu

Puvvula Suri Babu was born in the year 1915 in Bommaluru in Andhra Pradesh. He was interested in acting, when he was young. So, he joined Bala Mithra Sabha and started to act in dramas. He also learned music from his uncle and from Kopparappu Subbarao. With the right training from the right people, he became the best actor among those trained people. At his young age, he started a drama troupe in the name, Balakrishna Nataka Samajam. He staged many dramas and some of them ran successfully and some films met losses.

In the year 1941, he married his co-star Rajaa Rajeshwari, who is a singer as well as an actor. After their marriage, he formed a new drama troupe called Raja Rajeshwari Nataka Mandali. Later on, Puvvula Suri Babu moved to the film industry and started to act in various roles that quench his acting thirst. He was there in lots of historic movies.

Puvvula Suri Babu was a great composer and one of the examples of his compositions is Manika Veena from the movie Mahakavi Kalidasu. He was the singer in almost all the films, he acted. He was honored to play in the Darbar of Mysore Maharaja. Gana Gandharva and Kala Visharada were the titles given to him. He died in the year 1968.


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