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Telugu Movie Actor Kamalakar Reddy
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Boochepalli Kamalakar Reddy, known simply as Kamalakar Reddy, was an Indian actor in the Telegu film industry, commonly referred to as Tollywood. He was well-known for his debut film ‘Abhi’, which he also produced himself. He later produced two more films. Before the release of his fourth film, he passed away due to neurological complications. Coming from the town of Cheemakurthi in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, Reddy always had dreams of making it big in Tollywood. His brother is MLA B. Sivaprasad Reddy.

It is worth noting that Kamalakar took very little help and support from his brother even though he could have possibly been an even bigger star had he used his family’s political clout. He was described by many as an actor that had immense faith in his own abilities. This is proven by the fact that he self-produced his debut film, titled Abhi. The film is a standard love story based on how Reddy’s character, named Abhi, falls in love with a girl and then goes on to save her from a troublesome scenario while also earning the respect of her elder sibling.

The movie is a fairly popular one although the story and premise didn’t offer anything new or different to the audiences. His next film ‘ Hasini Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ’ was released in 2010 and was also produced by him. The movie once again saw him take center stage in the lead role. It was a romantic drama movie and critics basically described it as a movie of two halves; the first part of the film is well laid-out, but the second half tends to meander and is nowhere near as good as the first half. The movie didn’t do great numbers at the box office either.

His third movie ‘Sanchalanam’ once again saw him reprise the role of both producer and lead actor. Sanchalanam followed a similar path as that of his previous movie by starting off fairly well but then unraveling into an absurd plot as the film went on. His fourth movie Band Balu tragically turned out to be his last.

During the music launch of the film, Reddy slipped and took a bad fall. He was already suffering from a certain nerve disorder, and this fall led to medical complications that saw him admitted to hospital. He died while admitted there at the young age of 34. He was married and had two children, a boy and a girl.


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