Siva Y Prasad Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Editor

Siva Y Prasad is an Indian film editor giving his best to the Tollywood industry, making exceptional and brilliant masterpieces that left us awe and wonder. He was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, on 13th October 1984, with his current residence being the same, and is living his life happily and in prosperity. The life of an editor is not that glamorous as they are the fixers they edit and give the film a new life and everything a new meaning to being precise. Editor's job can be a bit tricky yet beautiful.

 He is known for his awesome works in movies like Narasimhapuram(2021), Siva 143(2020), and Rahasyam(2019). Other genre movies, too, like Banthi Pool Janaki in 2016, which is based around comedy, drama, and thriller, keeping us on edge throughout. One of the well-known movies that he edited came out in 2016 too and was named Nithya Jothe Sathya, where a husband helps his wife a lot in figuring out everything going on around her and trying to make her life a bit easier. His food diet is vegetarian, with his nationality being Indian. He has also tried working in the writing department, presenting to us a brilliant story named Dhana Dhan in 2016. The said film had three genres: action, comedy, and thriller with so many twists and turns that you can never actually get tired of it.

He is a popular director too. Giving us knockouts after knockouts there is nothing he isn't aware of or can't do. After all, everything depends upon your willpower. You can bring a change. Remember that. The excellence of an editor is always when people don't know or notice changes made. That's why even the editors go unnoticed but not without creating and making a wonderful change and a masterpiece.