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Dubbing -Speaks For Others

A dubbing artist is a person who lends his voice to a character when a movie, documentary or an advertisement is dubbed into a language different from the one it was originally made in. The idea behind this is to increase the reach of a commercial film or endorsement by making it available for regional and foreign viewers. Many films originally made in Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, etc. have been dubbed into Telugu. Even Television daily soaps are not far behind. Most of the popular Hindi Television dramas can be watched in Telugu these days, thanks to the dubbing artists. When a film, an advertisement or a soapie is decided to be dubbed into Telugu, the dialogues of the original one are first translated word-to-word into Telugu, and then re-written such that their ingenuity is not lost .

When the dialogues are ready, the dubbing artists are summoned to the studio. Every character in the movie is given a voice by different artists and their dialogues are recorded. The songs too are recorded in a similar manner. We may think that it is only the clear and versatile voice of the artist that is enough to establish him as a good dubbing artist, but there's more to his job than you thought. Fluency in the language they dub in is the most important one. Besides fluency, the artist should excel in voice modulation, lip-sync and his tone and pauses should sync with the actor’s gestures and body language in the visuals. Let this page take you on a tour of Tollywood’s most successful dubbing artists.