Sriwass is a well-known filmmaker in the Telugu film industry and is best known for directing comedy genre movies such as Dictator in 2016 and Loukyam in 2014. He is one of the most outstanding filmmakers in the present day scenario of the Telugu film industry. He was born on the 24th in the month of November in the state of Andhra Pradesh. After completing his higher secondary education and after studying in college, Sriwass decided to enter the field of cinema and was extensively involved in filmmaking and all jobs associated with it.

As a beginner, Sriwass sought guidance under K. Raghavendra Rao, one of the most well-known and respected filmmakers in the history of Telugu cinema and also a multiple award winner. He worked under Mr. K. R. Rao for a very long time and assisted him in many projects. He went on to enter the field of screenplay writing as well and penned a few movies. In the year 2007, Sriwass took on the role of director and made the film ‘ Lakshyam’. The film starred actors such as Gopichand, Anushka, Kalyani, and Jagapati Babu, etc.

In the year 2010, Sriwass made the film, ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ an action drama film in Telugu. The film starred actors such as Arjun Sarja playing the role of ‘Ashok Deva’, Ram in the role of ‘Rama Krishna’, Priya Anand cast in the role of ‘ Priya’, and Vineet Kumar in the role of ‘Pawar’. In the year 2014, he made two films namely, ‘Loukyam’ and ‘Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda’. Loukyam starred actors such as Gopichand, Bramhanandam, and Rakul Preet Singh, etc. Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda starred actors such as Mohan Babu, Manchu Manoj, Manchu Vishnu, Raveena Tandon, etc.

Sriwass got married in the year 2008, on February 16th to Lakshmi and now lives with his family in Film Nagar, in the city of Hyderabad. His latest film, ‘Dictator’ was released on January 14th in 2016.

Nellutla Praveen Chander Telugu Actor

Nellutla Praveen Chander

Nellutla Praveen Chander is an exceptionally skilled and uplifting Telugu Director who has never agreed to bend before “the water under the bridges”. He is the one who has always believed in sheer hardwork, and he himself has carried this all through his life. He believes that luck is a marriage of preparation and opportunities. Through his determined intentions to reach the pinnacle of success he accomplished all he ever dreamt to do. He completed his post school studies from Kakatiya University and then he carried on his journey of making Films. Since then, he never looked behind. Chander is well known for his movie “The Bells”, which has an action and thriller plot. The movie was well directed by him and it won many appreciations in Tollywood. Though the movie was not such a success but to everyone’s surprise this did not deter him from any of his future endeavours. In 2016, Banthi Poola Janaki, a comedy, drama, and thriller movie directed by Chandler was screened. This movie settled him in the Industry and recognized his viable potential. When asked about his further plans Nellutla says that he neither frets over the past nor spends his time in brooding over the upcoming future but rather believes in making things right in the present. He says that whenever something strikes him he pens it down in his way and searches for someone who can just be deemed to fit in delivering justice to the characters irrespective of the concerns for any awards. Through his to do spirit he makes many of his fans amazed by his every film.


Sushanth Reddy

This man is a director who works for numerous Telugu movies and is known as Sushanth Reddy. Born in Hyderabad, he has directed numerous Telugu movies and has had a good response at the box office. He believes that there exists no religion, but only cinema. His knowledge of languages extends up to three which are Telugu, Hindi, and English. He believed in pursuing his passion for directions and productions. He is a nice person and is highly respected in the southern film industry. His education was done at Sri Aurobindo International School and it was here that he showed most of his interest in films and its direction. He directed the movie ‘Superstar Kidnap’ which was released on the 18th of November in 2014 hoping for a new start in the cine industry. Chandu Penmatsha was the producer under the banner of Lucky Creations. But unfortunately, it was not as successful as he had hoped for. This film was based on a blend of crime and comedy which hit the ground. The music for the movie was done by Sai Karthik. The film had a rating of just 1.5 on a scale of five and the cast for his movie were Nandu, Bhupal, Aadarsh, Vennela Kishore, Shraddha Das, Tejaswini, PunamKaur, Posani Krishna Murali, Thagubothu Ramesh, and Fish Venkat. With this negative reviews and comments of the movie he directed, he decided to pursue his studies. With a different track in life, he hoped to succeed in his studies but that too did not work well. His continuous sequence of failure in the direction field and in academics led to a stressful life where he could not deal with it. Gradually he became addicted to drugs due to the downs and lows he had to face in his life. Sushanth Reddy and Ravi Panasa, both belonging to Tollywood were arrested. According to the police reports, they were not dealing with drugs nor were they promoting them, instead they were the victims of drugs and were addicted to them. Ravi Panasa handled many PR for events like CCL. He has recently started his own production house named as RK Media and is recently bringing forth a film-‘ Nala Damayanti’. Sushanth Reddy always believed that one of the positives and the advantages of being a filmmaker is that he always has the opportunity to remain a perpetual student and has a lot to learn in life. He strongly believes in the deeds of Karma and has once admitted that there is a restaurant called Karma where there is no menu and they serve you what you deserve. Another Version of this Bio ... A. Sushanth Reddy is a young producer, director, screenwriter, and script supervisor. He works in the Tollywood cinema. Sushanth lives in Hyderabad, India. His known languages are Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Reddy did his schooling from Aurobindo International School. He was born on 31st March 1986. Sushanth is 31 years old, and his star sign is Aries. He owns a production website which helps innovative minds to make their films and use their creativity; he is the director in this organization namely, Soaring Elephant Films in Hyderabad and Telangana. It gives opportunities to debutants and innovative minds in their field of interest. Sushanth is the producer, writer, and director of one of the successful movies of 2015, Superstar Kidnap, a crime entertainer. In 2010, he was also an assistant director for a Tollywood project. With the story of Superstar Kidnap, Reddy had tried to bring a rare and entertaining concept in Tollywood. He had made an effort to make the movie effective by taking a real celebrity for kidnapping, but added fictional story and incidences. The story had a Hollywood touch. The film released on 3rd July, 2015. The story revolves around three youngster friends, who kidnap superstar Mahesh Babu. The story and concept of abducting a superstar showcased in a very innovative way impressed the critics. Sushanth's writing and direction had made him gain appraisals from all over the Tollywood industry. Fans were very excited for this movie, and they appreciated it for the reason that Telugu viewers have rarely seen such a fabulous movie with such creative concept. One cannot ignore the four characters and the lead lady of this flick. Nani, Manchu Manoj, Allari Naresh, and Tanish have done a splendid job in their cameo. Poonam Kaur played a satisfactory role with perfection in her glamorous leading look. The film is co-produced by Chandu Penmatsha, along with A. Sushanth Reddy under the banner of Lucky Creations. Sai Kartik is the music composer of this interesting project. Only one project made Sushanth the star of Telugu cinema. His talent has made him reach this successful stage in life. He is also good at project planning, public relations, film production, and event planning and management. Friends and co-workers of Sushanth claim that he is a very nice guy to work with and handles the team and work pressure with great enthusiasm. Currently, he is looking for producers and investors in Indian regional films for his upcoming projects. His mind always drives towards something creative which would give Tollywood many more successful films in the future. We wish him luck for his further plans.

Sushanth Reddy Telugu Actor