Raj Madiraju is a Telugu movie director and script writer. He has directed three films till date: Uncle, Rushi, and Andhra Podi. He is a talented man himself, having dabbled in singing at stage shows over the years before breaking into the world of films. Raj Madiraju was brought up in Kothagudem in Andhra Pradesh. His father was an engineer and worked in the Kothagudem Thermal Power Station.

Since an early age, Raj had a fascination for the world of movies. However, he didn’t jump at the chance to join the Indian cinema at first, instead choosing to pursue an MBA degree which he successfully completed. Besides all this, he would frequently perform as a singer; by his account, he has sung and worked in more than 600 staged shows. Aside from directing three films, he has also been an assistant director. He worked as an assistant to Osey Ramulamma in seven different films. He also worked as the second assistant director on the Hollywood project of noted actor Chiranjeevi that was titled “Thief of Baghdad.’’

The making of the movie stalled after a while; however, Chiranjeevi that was titled “Thief of Baghdad.’’ The making of the movie stalled after a while; however, Madiraju considers this a valuable experience in his development as a filmmaker since he was able to work with many technicians that have been a part of Academy Award-winning films. His full directorial debut came in the year 2001 when he directed the AVS produced film Uncle.

After this, he would have to wait a full eleven years to get his next shot at direction. In 2012, he directed Rushi, a film bankrolled by Prasad Productions. The movie centers on the lives of a group of medical students with noble intentions. It also details their college and romantic lives. The film was something of a mixed bag for Madiraju; it didn’t do great business at the box office, and so it wasn’t considered a “hit” film by many.

However, the movie was liked in critical terms and even went on to win two Nandi Awards for Best Story Writer and a Special Jury Award. It also won him the Best Debut Director award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. His next directorial venture saw him at the helm of Andhra Podi, a film that is itself a remake of a successful Marathi movie titled Timepass. The movie was once again produced by Prasad Productions and revolves around the life of a young boy who struggles academically while also falling in love with a girl.