Deva Katta Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Deva Katta is an American Indian filmmaker. He is well known for many films in Telugu. He directed a Telugu film, Prasthanam. It was pictured at International Film Festival in India. It became so famous that it won Nandi award and South Critics award in Filmfare as the best film in 2010. He was born in Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. His family moved to, and he was brought up there in Chennai. He and did his mechanical engineering degree from Satyabhama Engineering College in Chennai. He later shifted to the USA for his MS.

He obtained an MS in mechanical engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit in Michigan. He has an MSc degree in mechanical engineering. He also worked as a crashworthiness expert for vehicles especially four-wheelers in General Motors. He also attended a film school and graduated. He made a documentary film about the USA going Indians. It had a title 'Valasa'.

He became famous after his first successful movie as a writer and a director for the romantic comedy movie ' Vennela Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vennela '. It was about Indian students in the USA. His recent short film is Dying to be Me in 2015.