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He is a very famous Indian film director who is mainly known for his works in the Telugu cinema industry. He has worked at the post of an assistant director under S V Krishna Reddy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and together they have directed many movies. Some of his works include Rajendrudru Gajendrudru, Number One, Ghatotkachudu, etc. his most famous movie being Oka Radha Iddaru Krishnula Pelli, which he directed in 2003. His movie career as film director started in 2001 with the romantic movie six teens casting Rakhi Sawant.He also directed one more movie in the same year named Ide Naa Modati Premalekha.

Before that, he was doing the job of first or second assistant director.He started this in 1993 with the movie Rajendrudru Gajendrudru and did his last movie at the post of assistant director in 1996; the movie was called Maavichiguru. His latest piece of work in 2016 is a Telugu movie named Aatadukundam Raa starring Sushant and Sonam Preet Bawja.He has directed twelve movies in total. He also holds the credit of writing a screenplay for two movies namely Ajab Gajab Love in 2012 and Current Theega Click to look into! >> Read More... in 2014.

He has also worked with the famous ex-pornstar Sunny Leone Sunny Leone, a famous porn star, has recently ente >> Read More... in his famous movie Current Theega in the year 2014. The regularity with which he has worked and directed movies show the amount of popularity he has in the Telugu cinema industry.His ascent from being a second assistant director to being a famous director in Telugu cinema shows the amount of character possessed by this man. With his short cut hair and a neatly trimmed mustache, he looks like a man with very great acumen and so is proved by his very excellent direction in the Telugu movies.

G Nageswara Reddy is a multi-talented person who is a full force in himself as he can direct, write and act a bit too.


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