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Deva Katta


Terrific Director Deva Katta’s Latest Photos

There are many few leaders whose eyes reflect the stories that they can tell. Their souls are full f experiences which they wish to depict on big screens. They are passionate about art and cinema. One such remarkable director is Deva Katta. The man is full of tales and fantasies which he wishes to narrate through the actors in his movies. That is the symbol of a sincere director.

In the recent photos, we see him ecstatic and cheerful. Born in Andhra Pradesh, the man’s hard work and caliber earned him the pleasure of playing his film at the International Film Festival of India. The stills show how elated and jubilant he becomes when he speaks of his works. He looks staid too, which reflects his inner zest to achieve greater success in his professional life. Dressed in a simple t-shirt and trouser, Deva focuses on his work and has a long path to travel in the movie industry.