Boyapati Srinu, also spelled Boyapati Sreenu, is an Indian film director. Boyapati Srinu hails from Pedakakani, situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He has made his laudable contributions in the Telugu movie field. 

Srinu completed his college studies from JKC College in Guntur. His family was into photo studio business. Boyapati Srinu started his career as a photographer and then he became a journalist. He did it as a part-time for the Eenadu daily. Posani Krishna Murali, a Telugu actor, and relative of Boyapati Srinu brought him into the film industry.

Boyapati Srinu moved to Hyderabad with his cousin, and he took up few directorial ventures. Boyapati Srinu’s movie 'Badra' turned out to be a hit. Since then he has never looked back in his career as a director. Srinu had a gap of one and a half years after completion of movie Bhadra. Then, fortune struck Srinu when he received a call from Venkatesh. 

Venkatesh wanted the plot to be such that it relates husband-wife relationship. Srinu developed the plot and the developed the plot for ' Tulasi'. The movie turned out to be a box-office hit. Also, after a gap of ten years, he received a call from Nandamuri Balakrishna. Srinu directed the movie in which Balakrishna did two roles.

One of the roles required Balakrishna to appear old. The makeup was realistic. The movie was titled Simha, and it turned out to be a huge hit. Another Telugu movie titled Legend, for which Srinu teamed up with Balakrishna turned out to be a megahit. The movie ran for almost one year in many theaters in Andhra Pradesh. 

But, the movie Damu for which he teamed up with Junior NTR turned out to be a flop. Boyapati Srinu was given the Best Director Award for the contribution to the film Simha and also for his contribution to the movie Legend.

Bose Nelluri Telugu Actor

Bose Nelluri

Bose Nelluri is an incredible director and has contributed a lot to the industry . He has all the qualities that a director should have and makes films so astonishingly that the audience loves him and his movies . He completed his education from KLP Public school, Guntur. Currently, he stays in Guntur, but his Home Town is Hyderabad. He started his journey in 2012 and is still contributing to the industry. He is the director of the film Mosagallaku Mosagadu which is an amazing movie and the entire team has made a great effort to make the movie what it is. Swamy Ra Ra is a Tamil movie which is based on crime and has some elements of comedy as well which makes it a great combination of Crime and Comedy. The producer of the film is Chakri Chirugupati and Sudheer Varma is the director. The film has a sequel named Mosagallaku Mosagadu which is directed by Bose Nelluri and the Prasad Varma wrote the dialogues of the film. The Producer of the film is Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainment. The film showcases ones admiration towards the Gods. This genre of the movie is crime drama which makes it amazing and worth watching. He chose Sudheer Babu for this movie because he got positive reviews and the movie was successful as well. His favorite quote is ‘Well done is better than well said’ which is written by Benjamin Franklin. His Favorite book is The Alchemist which is a bestseller and an amazing book, written by Paulo Coelho. His favorite music is Iggy Pop which is an American Band Some of their music is The Passenger, Real with child, Candy and much more. One of his favorite movies is Alpha Pangean Films . This film is by a passionate team. His favorite T.v series is The Sopranos. He likes to play chess and football.. His favorite Athlete is Thomas Muller. He has contributed a lot to the industry and is an astonishing director.


Subba Reddy

C. H. Subba Reddy is a Telugu Film Director who gained fame for his debutant directorial film ‘Rough (2014)’. Born on 1st January 1970, Subba Reddy was brought up in the Nagulavaram Village of Guntur District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Reddy was a dedicated cinema lover from his school days. In an interview, he unabashedly confessed that he had bunked several classes from school so that he could satisfy his hunger for movies. Young Subba had decided and fixed his life’s ambition to get into filmmaking. Reddy did his graduation from Guntur district and was eager to take a dive into the fascinating world of cinema. But his family wasn’t very pleased with his decision to roam in such a field of work. He then took a Master’s degree in order please his parents. Witnessing young Subba’s dedication and loyalty towards his love for cinema, he was allowed to pursue his dream. After doing his Master’s from Nanded, Subba Reddy moved to Hyderabad to live the Tollywood dream. It wasn’t an easy ride for Subba Reddy as he worked as an assistant director for eleven years since the year 2003. But Reddy acknowledged his gratitude to the many great directors he assisted for, such as SV Krishna Reddy, K. R. Reddy, and Surender Reddy. It was in 2014 that C. H. Subba Reddy took on the role of director and made the Telugu box office hit, ‘Rough’ starring Aadi and Rakul Preet Singh. The film released on November 28, 2014, and was well-received amongst the viewers. It grossed to about18 crores in the box office that had a budget of 8 crore rupees. Subba Reddy recalled in an interview that he was known to be a ‘cinema freak’ in his childhood. Having finally directed his first movie, after years of underdog work, Subba Reddy has never been happier, witnessing the grand success of his own film.

Subba Reddy Telugu Actor