Kolli Durga Prasad Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Durga Prasad is an Indian Cinematographer. He primarily works in Telugu film industry. Prasad had worked in the films such as L7 (released in the year 2016), Gaayakudu (which released in the year 2015), and so on. He worked in Turtle on a hammock film, and Gobsmack Entertainment. Prasad lives in Mumbai. His L7 film, a thriller movie, directed by Mukund Pandey Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Mukund Pandey . The story of the L7 movie has been about the haunted house. In this movie, Hero and Heroine stayed in a house which has ghostly activities. When they came to that house, hero’s car met with an accident, and he lost his job. Heroine said to hero to leave the house, they decided and tried to depart that house. But the ghost stops Sandhya from leaving the home.

Hero felt that something has been wrong with this house. The flashback of the film tells about the soul, where it comes from, its impulse and why it stayed in that house. At the end of the film, hero saved the heroine. Durga Prasad captures the beautiful place of Vizag. He has esteem for his work. Songs of this film become an immense hit on the Social network sites. The story of Gaayakudu film starts with an orphan boy, who turns into a celebrity. In this film hero an orphan, then he was adopted by a beggar who sings on the roads. The beggar died, before that beggar tutors song to the hero. The hero participated in the competition and got the prize. Because of this, he becomes a well-known celebrity. He gets both fame and money. The heroine has been an immense fan of the song of the hero.