Following the trend of horror movies L7 which is in the same line has hit the screens Directed by Mukund Pande and produced by B Obul Subbareddy let rsquo s

L7 Movie Review

L7 Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " L7"
Runtime: 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 21-10-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
2.75 / 5.0



Following the trend of horror movies, L7, which is in the same line, has hit the screens. Directed by Mukund Pande and produced by B Obul Subbareddy let’s see what L7 has to offer for us.


Adith Arun and Pooja Jhaveri are a newly wedded couple and shift into a new house. And yes, you heard it right. The house is immersed in the power of spookiness and things turn haywire for the couple. This is because Pooja starts to act in an absurd manner. Adith carries out an experiment and learns to his shock that his wife is possessed. Who does all this? What is taking place inside the house? How does Adith handle such situations? Watch the movie to get answer to these questions.

Star Performances

Adith Arun does a great job with his role and gives the apt expressions, while Pooja Jhaveri shines in her performance as the possessed one. Vennela Kishore is appealing in the comedy sequences. The rest of the cast does what is required of them.


Director Mukund Pande has followed the usual template of horror movies. However, the flashback scenes are quite engrossing. And the movie’s narration works in favor of it.

What’s there?

  • BGM, which is very essential for horror movies is very effective, courtesy Aravind Shankar.
  • Cinematography of L7 is commendable.
  • Editing and production values are ok.

What’s not there?

  • The movie L7 has attempted the age-old horror template.
  • Music of Arvind Shankar could have been better.
  • The  make-up element after interval could have been taken better care.
  • There is dearth of logic in some scenes.
  • The scary scenes could have been executed better.


The movie L7 reminds one of earlier successful films of such genre. Don’t go with the expectations of watching something fresh in the movie.

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