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Upasana Kamineni

Other names of Upasana Kamineni: Upasana Kamineni

Upasana Kamineni is the founder of Apollo Group of Hospitals and the granddaughter of Dr. Pratap C Reddy. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of the group and is the Editor of B Positive, the healthcare magazine which focuses on health, nutrition and wellness. She is also rigorous in projects like Saving a Child’s Heart Initiative (SACH) and Society to Aid the Impaired (SAHI).

She holds a degree in Global Business Management at the Regent College, the United Kingdom, boosting her medical and business interests.

She is also associated with Apollo life, a quarterly magazine, and speaks on medical issues. Many products are being circulated across the country by B Positive. Being a lover of animals, she is also associated with Blue Cross, a charity for rescued animals. She is married to Ram Charan Ram Charan is a famous Tollywood actor and an entr >> Read More... Teja, who is the son of actor ‘ Chiranjeevi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ and an actor himself in the Tollywood industry.

Another Version of this Bio…

The wife of the famous actor Ram Charan, Upasana Kamineni is the vice-president of Apollo Charity and works for the welfare and fitness of the citizens of India. Her main motive is to create awareness among people regarding personal health and prevention from diseases. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Pratap C. Reddy, who is the chairperson and co-founder of Apollo Hospital. She is the eldest daughter of Ms. Anil and Shobana Kamineni, who are into the business of Infrastructure, Leisure and Healthcare.

At just 22, being the vice president of Apollo Charity, she is also the editor of B positive, the national healthy lifestyle magazine, and Wellness Rx International Limited. At the age of 15, she began a service called U Xchange, where books and notebooks were recycled and distributed amongst the poor. She is a graduate of London’s Regents College and has now carved a position for herself in the healthcare division. Apollo Hospital is the third largest private hospital, and Upasana heads the charity institution of this group. She even educates fellow countrymen on how to stay fit and healthy and spends the majority of time with kids who come for treatment in Apollo Hospital.

Presently, she is into an awareness-building campaign on cervical cancer. Not only humans but she even shows care towards animal well-being. She is associated with Blue Cross, an animal healthcare company. She even has an animal farm at her place where there are four tongas, eight donkeys, and four cows. Her care for animals is an inspiration for all who take animals for granted. The most interesting of all is her love life as she was married to her childhood friend Ram Charan on 14 th June 2012 at the Temple Trees Farmhouse.

Ram Charan is the one who motivates her to exercise, and thus she wants to be fit and powerful. Her marriage was attended by famous faces like ‘ Rajinikanth 'Rajinikanth' is the name that is known in >> Read More... ’, Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11, 1942 in A >> Read More... , and Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... . They even had an event as part of their weddingin which all their fans were invited. She recently opened a fitness center which she would not like to call a gym as she feels that gym is boring. She has arranged some different techniques and exercises for the people to stay fit and healthy in her fitness center which she says, are life studios of health as it includes fun and exercising at the same time.

We hope such centers open up in the entire nation, and she continues to motivate people to lead a healthy life.

Another Version of this Bio…

Upasana Kamineni was born to the great Anil kamineni and Shobha Kamineni, who are into the business of infrastructure and health care. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Pratap Reddy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who was the chairman and co-founder of Apollo hospital in 1983. At present, Upasana Kamineni is the vice president of Apollo charity. She completed her graduation from London Regents College. Upasana kept her ceaseless efforts on social initiatives which also includes SACHi (society to aid the hearing impaired). She spends more time with kids who undertake treatment in Apollo hospital.

Unfortunately, till now she hasn’t given birth to any. Being a married woman and a child loving person I think she suffers a lot because of it. Let us hope well for her. She not only cares for children but also cares for animals. Her care for animals is seen after her association with Blue Cross. It is good to hear that she also has an animal farm at her house, she has already rescued 8 donkeys, 4 tonga and 4 abused cows. At present she has 28 animals in her residence. When we come to her married life, Ram Charan, who works in Telugu movies and is popularly known as Mega Power Star of Telugu film Industry, is her husband.

They both loved each other and got married in 14 June 2012 at the temple tress farm house in a grand ceremony. Then, she changed to Upasana Konidela from Upasana Kamineni. We got to know that Ram Charan and Upasana were best friends from their childhood. And she had said about Charan that, “My husband is my best friend.

I share everything with him and he’s my emotional punching bag”. Recently in November, Upasana attended an interview where many people became her fan by seeing her interview. She said that she don’t like camera interviews, unless it is helpful to someone or to the society; such a great personality. In their family no one differentiates between women and men which they learned from their grandfather Dr. C Pratap Reddygaru .

We also got to know that 17% senior management is women and 54% of total staff was women. She learned cooking because of her grandmother. She is scared about pregnancy and child birth as her efforts made for weight loss will be ruined. She does not care about all the stuff or rumors about Ram Charan and her. Upasana takes Amala as inspiration. She zip’s her mouth mentally.

She also follows healthy tips very strictly. She rescued people through an organization Sahi. If she ever gets an opportunity she would do something for any one and every one. She said that it is not an idea or a thought; it is her responsibility, she has to do it. She speaks Tamil more than Telugu. She loves Bollywood and also knows how to speak Urdu. We can’t find such a kind hearted and loving personality; let us wish her that her life must be filled with happiness

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