Manjusha has become a popular face on the small screen. She is the anchor of popular Telugu TV show ‘ Ugadi Promo’ broadcast on a private TV channel. She is a well-known figure for the Telugu people as she used to entertain viewers with her film fraternity guests on her show. She is also famously known as the young sister of Junior NTR as she donned the role of sister Gayathri in film ‘ Rakhi’(2006) who is everything for Junior NTR in the movie. After this movie, she did not get the big break she deserved to prove her mettle.

Manjusha also entertained viewers on the film related program ‘24 Frames,’ broadcast on Gemini Channel. Thus, she seems to be juggling her many careers, yet justifying each of them with strength and inspiration. She is not only an actress but has also become a TV anchor.

In this show, she showcased both her acting and anchoring skills through her immaculate screen presence. She has also interviewed film personalities on the show. She is one of the most beautiful and talented female anchors who provides the public fast & quick news through ‘25 frames’. She hails from Andhra Pradesh and has a huge fan base in Andhra because of her beautiful looks. She has also gathered a lot of admirers because of her cute way of presenting the show. She mesmerizes all the viewers with her soft but strong voice.

She is probably the most beautiful anchor, with the looks that can beat famous Tollywood actresses. It was because of her beauty that she was offered a role in the movie, ‘Rakhi’. She is currently on the lookout for new movies that would qualify her beauty as well as talent. She is also a program host of many audio launches of new films that are taking place in the Andhra circuit


Kiriti has been a host and the creative mind behind the TV Telugu Talk show ‘Arambham’. ‘Arambham’ is a socio-economic Telugu talk show that kept the anchor interviewing personalities from various walks of life including arts, politics, movies, theaters, etc., to discuss social issues related to the state. Many top celebrities who graced the show in the first season included Dr. J P Narayana of Lok Satta party, RGV, Lakshmi Manchu, Sekhar Kammula, etc. After the show has received huge audiences’ responses, the maker of the show is now planning to launch the second version of it very soon. The show brought many eminent personalities of Andhra Pradesh, who are associated with public life. They were featured as guests to discuss the topics in the form of one-on-one interviews with the program’s moderator Kiriti. The show was almost like a Talk show that revolved as a routine discussion in a debate format. The first session of the show took off on the Republic Day of India January 26, 2014. Since then the talk show has been choosing fresh topics and unique concept to interviewing the personalities who are guests. With this show ‘Arambham’, Kiriti became the most influential TV figure in TV history. The show tackled important, sometimes taboo social issues. The talk show competed against soap operas, game shows, and musical reality shows. Kiriti took the concerns of the public seriously. He was the first talk-show host to solicit questions from his studio audience for his guests, who included Dr. J P Narayana (a political figure ) to RGV ( a filmmaker). Hence, there is almost a possibility for a prime-time comeback with its session -2, which in large part will satisfy the audiences again. It is well known that celebrities often occupied the entirety of Indian cultural coverage; talk shows often booked guests who are cinema matinee idol or sports icons. But never had it included people from different walks of life. Similarly, no host was more identified with lofty conversations than Kiriti earlier. The session-1 of the show ended on April 2014. The talk show received good responses from social media platforms like Facebook (fan count exceeded above 5000) and it is considered to be the highest ever for a Telugu talk show. Initially’ Arambham’ was just another talk show when it debuted in 2014. But what made it unique and raised above the rest was the show’s host Kiriti.

Kiriti Telugu Actor