N T Rajkumar is a Tamil writer, lyricist, singer and actor in the Tamil film industry. The debut movie of N T Rajkumar is Madhubaanakadai in which he was the lyricist, singer and also an actor. He is famous for his writing and poems in the Tamil language. One of the influences for N T Rajkumar to get interested in starting writing was his friend. This friend was a writer himself, and once when N T Rajkumar asked for the meaning of one of his friend's poems, he insulted N T Rajkumar saying it is beyond his intelligence. This incident made N T Rajkumar learn about this field. He wanted to give writing a try, and so for preparation, he started reading many books. He started reading Dravidian, Sangu and Marabhu novels to widen his knowledge about the language.

N T Rajkumar's father played an important role in helping him understand and guided him. His father also gave him many epic books of writers Thirumoolar, Sidhas, Arunapurinaadhar, Masthan Sahib and many more. After reading all these, he started writing on his own. The poems of N T Rajkumar are based on a wide variety of topics. It can be recited in any platform. Most of his poem's concepts are influenced by the oppression of the Dalit community and talks about their freedom. N T Rajkumar says that his ballads are results of his expression of pain on various issues including Dalits, community problems, and other problems. The style of N T Rajkumar's poetry is different from the previous authors and poets.

He experimented on this new method of mixing everyday colloquial words with the archaic ones. N T Rajkumar feels that his writing has not received as much appreciation as he thinks he deserves. He was given awards like Arandhai Erimalai Narayanan Award and Lilly Sriramani Award. N T Rajkumar is disappointed that his poems are not getting recorded and given any awards in the Tamil industry. The family of N T Rajkumar is a family of medicines. They are specialized in providing ayurvedic and medicinal cures. Since his family is in this field, N T Rajkumar found it easy and natural to learn the archaic words. Before entering into this art, N T Rajkumar was a temporary coolie in Railway Mail Service in Nagercoil. He now teaches music to children. N T Rajkumar writes down his poems only for us to read. He remembers every writing in his mind, and he recites his poetry by singing.