Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman Tamil Actress

Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman is an Indian Carnatic musician. She was born on July 25, 1980, in Tamil Nadu, India. She happened to visit the Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt. D.K.Pattammal whom she visited with her mother. Impressed by her voice, Smt.D.K.Pattammal immediately took her as a disciple and thus started training her

. Bhavadhaarini hails from a family of musicians, and her mother Nalini Anantaraman was her first guru. She has won several prizes since her school days, and her first concert was under the banner Mookambika Fine Arts in Chennai in the year 1987. Bhavadhaarini has toured and performed across several parts of India as well abroad.

She won the 'All India Radio' Chennai competition becoming the graded artist in 2002. She also began her recording her solo albums for Kalavardhani cassettes in 1997. She has lent voices for about more than 500 albums till now and for various genres.