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Adams Tamil Actor


Adams is a VJ (Video Jockey). This actor is popular in the Tamil Television Media. He entered the field as a host of music programs. His unique style of talking, stylish elements and the casual interactions he had with the viewers were liked by the public, which opened new avenues for him. He started acting in television serials and soon became a popular actor. Adams studied in the small town of Kovilpatti in Tamil Nadu. He was not a very bright student in school as his interest was in the field of acting. He went to school and later joined a college in Nagerkoil, but his heart was in acting. He wanted to become a great actor. The turning point in his life came when he couldn’t write anything in a college exam and started sleeping. A kind teacher by the name of James saw this and asked him what went wrong. Adams replied that he hasn’t studied and is not interested in studying at all. James didn’t scold him. He instead told him that he will become a great person in media. It ended up happening in reality. Adams was part of 'Sun Music Channel' playing music programs, when he saw television serials and got interested. He got a small role in the famous serial “Sivasakthi”, in which he did well. After that, he got a role in the serial “Thendral”. His character was called Prabhakaran and it was a good fit for Adams. He excelled in this character and started getting a huge fan following. He also acted in the famous serial, “Mundhanai Mudichu”, and a movie called “Mirattal”. His acting journey continues today with the confidence that someday, he will make it big in the movie world, with the blessings of his fans.


T S Sriranjani

TS Sriranjini is a Tamil TV Anchor. Apart from being a VJ, she is also an RJ, a playback singer, and a performer. She calls herself a traveler as she is extremely fond of traveling. She has recently married Tamil TV serial actor Amit who is popularly known for his role in Vijay TV network’s show Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai. As an RJ, she started working with Sun Network. She has also assisted Client Solutions with multiple brands. After which she became a part of the Hindustan Times Group. This led to her entry in the Cooperate and Retail Client Solutions sector of Fever 104 FM. She worked as an RJ in the city of Bengaluru for a while. She then made a decision to move back to Chennai and try her luck on TV and pursue music. She sang for a few movies in the industry. She has also produced and presented over 150 episodes of two shows on TV. She was the anchor in the shows of the channel Pudhu Yugam. She was known for her ability to attract audiences. She rose to fame with her show “Are You The Appa Takkar” which was aired on the Tamil network Puthuyugam TV. It was based on the concept of the American TV reality series “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and the Hindi television show hosted by the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai”. It had kids who used to ask some questions to the celebrities and check their basic knowledge as well as general knowledge. The show was directed by Arvindraj. It was considered to be productive as well as informative compared to the other Tamil soap operas that were aired on the channel. She moved to Dubai in November 2014 to launch a Tamil radio station in Dubai. She currently works as a Programming Director of Tamil 89.4 FM network. Her aim is to create benchmarks and limestones for her brand and organization. She is currently a part of the show Jodi Number One, which is a Tamil Dance show. It consists a real life couple who use their tuning and compatibility to give dance performances. At least one of the spouses is a celebrity. The show is presently in its ninth season.

T S Sriranjani Tamil Actress