Shanthi Ganesan Tamil Actress
Shanthi Ganesh is a Tamil TV serial actress, who was born in Salem as a fifth child of a large family. She was brought up by her uncle. She studied up to third standard. She came to Chennai in search of her career. Her mother was a maid and she too helped her. At that time, she was helped by a lady who joined her in dance school. Later she joined in a drama troupe by Ganesh. She staged her first drama Patti Vikramathithan along with the popular Tamil Film actor Sathyaraj. Sathayraj was playing a villainy role in that stage play. Shanthi Ganesh acted in three characters in the same play and performed classical dance too. After a while, she made her debut in the movie Thangaikkor Geetham. She acted in Kainaatu, Sattathin Thirappu Vizha, Kalyanam, Gentleman, Oru Kalluriyin Kathai, Pithamagan and many more. She has acted in Telugu films too. She has performed in many stage plays with many troupes. She married Ganesh in the year 1987, who introduced her in the stage drama. She left her husband after few years and started living independently. She visited Chicago, Washington DC, Toranto and some more places for her drama. After few years, she remarried a dancer. But that marriage too did not last for long. She got film chances after few years and she survives in good manner.