Ashwin Scott has predominantly worked in the Tamil Television Industry. He was one of the contestants of the famous Tamil dance series Kings of Dance on Vijay TV. He is an outstanding dancer and is known for his killer moves. The dancer started his career with the famous dance show Kings of Dance, aired on Vijay TV and participated in the second season of the series. The show got eight teams with the name of Laab Crew, Princy, O2, Yobu, Bibin, Velammal Kids, and Merina, Ashwin Scott, ADS Kids, and Vignesh. He was one of the finalists on the show but got nominated out in the end. He got the dance training from the three gurus of the show respectively, Sheiff, Sandy and Jefry. Bindhu Madhavi hosted the show and the finale was anchored by Ramya.

He shared the screen with the popular stars such as Gayathri Raguram, Varalakshmi Sarattkumar, Sanjitha Shetty and Poornagave. He made a lot of friends in this beautiful dance journey of his life. Ashwin did his schooling from St Antony’s higher Secondary School and completed his studies with a degree of Bachelor in Science from Hindusthan College of Arts and Science. After completing his studies, he went towards realizing his dream of dancing for which he opened Prima Dance School Jaffna in 2018. He trained dancers and non-dancers in the institute and, share with them his skills and knowledge. Ashwin also freelanced for various projects. With being pro-active on social media, he opened up a Youtube channel to showcase his talent to the world.

He worked on the Pootkal Dance Cover and on Angnyaade Song Dance. He also gave the audience, a beautiful choreography on Munpaniya where he featured with one of his friends. His journey into the dance industry was not an easy one but Ashwin always looked at the positive side of the coin and never let anything come between his passion dance and him. He knew that dreams are priceless but they take a lot of time, patience, dedication, hard work, and commitment to become a reality. He was also closely associated with the shine dance studios where he worked for uncountable hours and practiced there. He choreographed songs for the movie Pidhamagan. The talented dancer gave numerous performances in various award functions, festival shows, business programes, and dance competitions. He performed in the event for Victorian Towers and gained appreciation from the audiences. Hip Hop, Locking and contemporary are the major dance styles performed by him.