Dhilip Raman is a singer, composer, lyricist, and instrumentalist from Malaysia. He was born in the Penang state. He is active since 2000. His texture and melody is compared with Indian playback singers. He is a spirited fan of music composer Llyaraju and Grammy and Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman. He started his journey as a stage performer and he used to perform in small shows.

His production hasappeared in the local film on 24 November. He is awarded the best male vocalist at the Malaysian Indian music industry award. He produced his first album Kannavella which featured songs composed and sequenced by him. One of his songs consist of Malaysian worksminister Sammy Vellu’s poem. 

In 2000, he started his music journey as a stage singer he used to perform in shows and concerts initially. His talent was noted by Rock wave a.k.a D'shaq and he gave him a chance to sing in his album Naveenam and later on, he invited him to join his group. Soon he started his own production house under the guidance of D'shaq and named itVarman production.

He gained popularity with his song Vyirai Thoalaiten composed by jay of stigmatrix. The song blew away the nation by surprise with its composition and rendering quality. This song became the number one hit song and featured for the longest period in the THR Raaga Malaysia top 10. His recent album meendummeendum is with an Indian playback singer Karthik and it is also recorded in India.