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Ajmal Hassan Tamil Actor

Ajmal Hassan

Ajmal Hassan is an Indian Film Producer. He is renowned in the Malayalam film Industry for producing outstanding films. His work base is in Kochi. He has produced two blockbuster movies; the first one is ‘Samrajyam 2: Son of Alexander’ in the year 2015. The movie was based on the life-story of a Malayalam gangster. It was directed by the famous director Perarasu. This movie also gained attention due to its big star cast. The main lead roles were played by Unni Mukundam, Akanksha Puri, Vijayaraghram, Devan, Riyaz Khan, Rahul Menon, Kalashala Babu, and Manoj K Jayan. The production house was Gayathri Film International and Central Pictures was the distribution channel. This movie was critically acclaimed in the industry and depicted the diversions and dileamas of real life. ‘Tihar’ was the title of the film. As the name suggested, it was a story woven around the Tihar jail with its thread tying the lies of the protagonists. It was about a man whose father was in the jail and he being outside had to pay for all the sins his father has committed before. Action and thrill were two pillars of the movie. The speciality of the director Perarasu lied in those two things which got appreciated by the producer. The star cast of Parthiban, Mukundhan, and Akanksha Puri also performed brilliantly in the movie and got appraised by the audience. He had associations with Bhaarathirajs’s film ‘Finalcut of the director’ with Nana Patekar in the lead cast. It got produced by Paul Pandian and DR. Rajan with Sabu Cyril as the production designer. The variety of movies Ajmal take is very different. His choices had a base of concept, ideation, and execution of the script rather than the commercial film values. His mind works to deliver the best content to the audience and generate profitable business out of it. He worked with different production houses in his film career and got a hold on the type of movies; he wants to produce. Only a good script is not enough for him, a brilliant star cast, an empathizing story, skilful execution, and proper direction is the key to success for him. The selection of the director had the same process of refinery. After all film is a dish with all the ingredients in proper quantity, otherwise the taste will get ruined. With all this in mind, Ajmal focuses on the production of valuable content.


Christy Siluvappan

Christy Siluvappan, who toils as a media director at Al Jazeera Network here in Doha, is the creator of a fascinating Tamil drama Kuttram Kadithal (The Punishment), and the picture pronounced as the Best Tamil flick of the year. Last week, Public did a conference with Siluvappan, for whom cinematography has always been an obsession. It was a wonderful involvement knowing all other awardees in the event, and meeting Business supporters of India was very heartening and stimulating. Guided by debutant Bramma G, the flick tells the story of 24 hours in the lifetime of a youthful feminine educator who has married contrary to her kinfolk’s wishes and is trying to start a new life with her cherished engineer hubby. Things go crooked when she meets a person she definitely has not met in her life. Soon, she finds herself pursued by the laws and the broadcasting. She escapes the city and becomes Most Wanted overnight. Siluvappan says they were valued and welcomed by many trade giants such as actor-producer Dhanush, who too obtained an award. Manager Barathiraja Sir, who was the Judges Chairman, cherished their work as this debut creation under Chris Movies. The director’s acquaintances in Qatar and other nations wished them all the accomplishment, and the squad is super enthusiastic about the future projects. He looks forward to the comfortable NRI businessmen to see chances in Indian Cinema and come forward to turn their desires into reality. The greatest test was to defy their personalities, Siluvappan said when asked about the strenuous task of helming his entrance that has been drifting film anniversaries all over. It’s hard to know when they feel content. The query is when can we put a full halt, and say OK, this shot is decent. So, the major task was always inside. The Chennai born moviemaker was always captivated with movies his base began to build up from playing theatre, and he also used to act stage dramas and road theatres in current and various other forms. He started his obsession with filmmaking as a publishing supervisor and sound engineer and slowly moved on with the tide. While this tide took him to picture he also had his influences in all parts of making a flick from creation to post-production parts toiling in documentaries, small flicks, and distinctive productions. His recommends all NRI aspirants who want to donate towards film saying that they should keep their visions and passion intense and take one step a day at least in the course of their dream.

Christy Siluvappan Tamil Actor