Music composer G V Prakash Kumar is the protagonist of the movie Pencil He is also the music composer for the movie The movie is meant to be a suspense thrill

Pencil Movie Review

Pencil Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Pencil"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-05-2016
2.5 / 5.0

Music composer G V Prakash Kumar is the protagonist of the movie Pencil. He is also the music composer for the movie .The movie is meant to be a suspense thriller, and this triggered anticipation among the fans.  One has to turn up at the theaters to see how the movie has fared in its execution.  


The plot opens up with G V Prakash Kumar as a school student. He is in love with Sri Divya, his schoolmate. But, Sri Divya does not reciprocate the love G V Prakash has for her. Now, Shariq Haasan emerges in the movie, and he happens to be the son of an actor. The school values his presence in the school. He is rotten to the core, and his audacious villainy takes the audience by surprise. The story progresses ahead with Shariq staging obscenity in the school, which the teacher, G V Prakash, and Sri Divya do not like. But, the management does not take the issues very seriously as they consider that Shariq is a valuable asset to the school. One fine day, Urvashi comes to the school for examination of the school and provide it the ISO Certificate. There is a twist in the movie as Shariq is found dead. The movie progresses ahead like an Agatha Christie Story with suspicions regarding who perpetrated the crime.

Star Performances:

G V Prakash, after giving hits as an actor, has pulled off his character with ease. Sri Divya is beautiful in school girl’s attire. She competes with the lead actor and has done her role much to the satisfaction of fans. Shariq Haasan raises many eyebrows as the villain, and provokes the audience to the hilt with his villainy. Other supporting actors as T P Gajendran, VT V Ganesh, and Abhishek have done their role well.


The movie is a directed by Mani Nagaraj, and he has shown atrocities happening in the school. He knows the mindset of the audiences well and provokes anger among the audiences by showing criminal activities on screen. His efforts are worth applause. The movie comes out with a message that will have a great impact on the audiences.

What is there? 

  • The numbers by G V Prakash Kumar are worth hearing.  
  • The background music is yet another credit to the movie.
  • The cinematography by Gopi Amarnath has a mesmerizing effect on the audiences.
  • The actors are an added strength to the movie.

What is not there?

  • The comedy tracks in the movie do not intertwine with the story well.
  • The logic is missing in a few scenes in the movie.
  • The last scene in the movie is like preaching, which may not work out with some audiences.


The Pencil is quite sharp enough to get across the message to the audiences. It is worth of a watch.