Vasundhara Devi is the mother of the renowned veteran actress Vyjayanthimala. She was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and a movie actress as well. She was also trained in Carnatic music. 

Vasundhara was married to M.D Raman and is the only Indian actress till date who has met the Pope of the Catholic Church. She is most known for her film Rishyashringar (other than Mangamma Sapatham) and is the grandmother of actor Suchindra Bali. 

The 1943 Tamil movie Mangamma Sapatham also starred Vasundhara. She also lent her voice to some songs in this film. Her dancing performance in the film was quite sensational during the 40s;the movie went to become a huge hit and Vasundhara was accepted by the Tamil audience. Ranjan was her costar in the movie. 

Vasundhara’s career took a downturn after Mangamma Sapatham.  She was trapped by personal issues and court cases which may have took a toll on her career. At the time of her death, she was not in her best of spirits. 
Vyjayanthimala was born when Vasundhara was just 16 years. In fact, they share more or less the relationship of sisters owing to their small age gap. However, Vyjayanthimala was influenced by her grandmother who had a great role in the shaping of her life. 

Vibha Natarajan

Vibha Natarajan is an Indian Actress who works in the regional cinema of Southern India. She was born in Chennai, India and completed her schooling from the Bangalore state. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Tourism and Travel. She moved from India to different places during her childhood like Coimbatore and Dubai because of her father’s job at the L&T Company. She is related to Arvind Swamy, a known actor in the cinema industry. Vibha debuted with a Kannada Film “Aata” in 2011 opposite Sumanth Shailendra, who was also a new entrant to the industry. She received mixed reaction to her portrayal of Swathi. She put in four months of efforts to learn the Kannada language in order to play this role. Her next film was in 2012 titled “Leelai”, where she played the role of Gayathri. It was a romance genre film that got its release in 2012, but the shooting mainly took place before in the year of 2008. In this film, her character was that of a friend of the lead Malar played by Manasi Parekh Gohil. The lead was pursued by another character played by Shiv Pandit. She did one more film called “Naan” in 2012 and donned the role of Uma. This was also a Tamil Movie. In 2013, she went on to do two more Tamil movies titled “Mathil Mel Poonai” and “Summa NachunuIrkku” where she played the role of Divya and Anjali respectively. The film “Mathil Mel Poonai” also starred Vijay Vasanth. She is also a part of the much delayed Tamil film “Pesu” which is a musical by Yuvan Shankar Raja that was to release in 2013. This movie is directed by and stars J. Vignesh. Her latest film is named “Sippai” that was filmed in 2015.  

Vibha Natarajan Tamil Actress