Sheerin Ramalingam belongs to Bikaner, Rajasthan (India) as she was born there. She was born in a Tamil-Hindu family that are from Neyveli. She came to America (first to Boston) when she was 5. She attended Cypress Creek High School, and there she used to play saxophone, and she wants to be a cardiologist. Because of her acting career, she left her studies in between and began her acting career. Personal Life: Sheerin Ramalingam was born to a Tamil-Hindu family and hence got a taste of two different cultures. Her father, Rajaram Ramalingam, is a computer consultant and her mother, Noor Ramalingam, is a house wife. Her younger sister has appeared on screen in Mayilu (Tamil film), as the younger version of Shammu's character. When Noor Ramalingam was aged 12, she was in Chennai (formerly Madras), in the south of India, she saw an arangetram at school. She told her parents she wanted to take lessons. They didn’t agree. Noor was not able to achieve her goals or couldn't do whatever she used to like because of the culture, but she decided not to let the same thing happen with her daughter. She married Rajaram, a Hindu

Career: From age 2, she was dancing, first Bollywood style, popular in Indian movies, then the serious classical dancing, which her mother introduced to her. According to Sheerin, it wasn’t any hobby, but a part of herself. For Sheerin's graduation dance, her father, Rajaram Ramalingam, rented Olympia's auditorium and cafeteria. During this performance only, the crew of the film, Dasavathaaram, Shammu’s first film, noticed her and shortlisted her to play a small role in the movie. After this, she appeared in other movies with different roles such as Kanchivaram (2009, Tamil), Malayan (2009, Tamil), Kanden Kadhalai (2009, Tamil), Maathi Yosi (2010, Tamil), Paalai (2011, Tamil) and Mayilu (2012, Tamil). She gave a break to her acting career and returned to Florida to pursue a career in medicine at the University of Central Florida. Awards: Even though with such a short time career, she nailed few awards. Sheerin received Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress, Tamil. Also, she was nominated for Best Debut Actress at Vijay Awards.

Sheela Kaur

Sheela is an Indian actress who has acted in various regional language films like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu films. She has been a part of most Tamil films, and that is where her career began. She has acted as a child actor in over 20 Tamil films and made her debut in the industry with the movie Ilavatam in 2006 in which she plays the lead role of a young girl who is the love interest of Navdeep. The movie was originally in Telugu by the name of Seethakoka Chiluka and has been dubbed into Tamil. She then appeared in various Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films in the following year. She has delivered excellent performances and is most remembered for them in the movies Nandha, Veerasamy and Mayabazar, in which she played the lead role of a charming girl who loves Rameshan, but he didn’t love her back and marked her debut in Malayalam film industry. She has done well till now and has become a common name but has been seen in mostly insignificant roles. She is making herself ready to become a big time, a popular heroine in Tamil films. Once she has established herself in one industry, it will be extremely easy to expand to others. She is a very ambitious and extremely hardworking actress. She changed her name to Maya for Malayalam movies, probably inspired by her first role where she played a character with the same name in this industry. Her most recent releases have been Make Up Man and Thanthonni. She was unwilling to expose a lot for films until last year, but when she saw that it was hampering her growth and disrupting the number of offers that come to her, she decided to change her decision and not let any obstacle come in her road to success. Another Version of this Bio.. Born on 2nd August 1989, in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to a Punjabi family, this charming and raving beauty is an actress, who has starred in many Tamil films. The movies Nandha in 2001 as Chitra and Veerasamy in 2007 as Senthamizh, are a few of which she won popularity. As a child actress, Sheela Kaur has acted in over twenty films. She adopted a new name, Maya after entering the film industry. She got her big break from the movie Parugu as Meenakshi Neelakantam, a Telugu movie in 2008. The film Prem Kahani in 2009 as Sandhya was her first Kannada movie. Her films in Tamil include Poove Unakkaga as Meena in 1996, where her naïve looks and photogenic face as a child worked wonders for the movie. Golmaal in 1998, Dheena as Priya in 2001, Ilavattam as Lakshmi in 2006, as Priya in Cheena Thaana 001 in 2007, as Annapooranni in Kanna in 2007 and in 2008 as Vedha in the movie Vedha. Her sensational films in Telugu are Raju Bhai in 2007 as Anjali, Hello Premistara in 2007 as Nandini, as Manju in the 2009 blockbuster Maska and as Nandhu in the 2010 hit movie Adhurs. She has also done memorable roles in Malayalam films like Mayabazar in 2007 as Maya, Thanthonni as Helen in 2010 and as Surya in the hit film Makeup Man. Her latest was a Telugu film called Parama Veera Chakra as Sheila in 2011. She made her presence in all the four South Indian film industries loud and clear. She has the face, she has the emotions, and she surely has a strong opinion in what she wants. With all of these traits, she is going to rise to the occasion and be one of the best.

Sheela Kaur Tamil Actress