Malar Meni Perumal is a professional actress in the Tamil film industry. She has acted in the Tamil movie named Aduha Kattam which got released in the year 2013. Malar Meni Perumal got introduced as an actress in this movie. Before entering the cine filed, Malar Meni Perumal was practicing as a style coach, runway choreographer, grooming and etiquette trainer, and stylish. Malar Meni Perumal had established a studio for Grooming & Etiquette in the year 2009. The purpose of this studio was to give training and consultancy in grooming, organize and manage events, model mentoring and coaching, corporate training, and workshops and private grooming counseling. Malar Meni Perumal is the most efficient trainer in this studio. She is a corporate trainer, professional style coach, and consultant for more than eight years.

She has worked in various departments, and she got experienced vastly. Her previous fields of work include banking and investment, public relations and event management, airline cabin crew and cabin crew interviewer and many more. Malar Meni Perumal believes that psychology is the root of a person’s personality and it is the main factor for grooming and instilling confidence. She uses this as a foundation to train individuals and organizations to improve their communication and develop talents. Malar Meni Perumal grooms students, model, teenagers, corporate clients, fresh graduates or any individual who wants to create a stunning impression to others. Malar Meni Perumal is a certified style coach. She is also a member of the IASC (International Association of Style Coaches). Before becoming a style coach, Malar Meni Perumal was a student at the University of York St. John, the United Kingdom where she studied Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Honours) in Psychology.

She also has qualifications in Banking and Finance, Public Relations and Advanced Nail Technology. Malar Meni Perumal lived in the south of France for two years, and this experience also became helpful to understand her work as a coach for people. In the year 2005, she returned to India and worked with few event organizing teams like Terengganu sailing event, Monsoon Cup, and some more. After this, she started freelancing in training professionals to become eligible candidates for cabin crew. Malar Meni Perumal has trained more than about two thousand individuals. She worked for an airline training and counseling organization in which she was the head of the training department. For Emirates Airlines, she was one of the interviewers during recruitments in Malaysia. There, Malar Meni Perumal trained about 800 competitors on grooming, etiquette, and deportment. After these varied experiences, Malar Meni Perumal started her Grooming 7 Etiquette Studio in the year 2009.

Vidya Pradeep Tamil Actress

Vidya Pradeep

Vidya Pradeep completed her M.Tech. Her love of research lured her to pursue her education one step further. Now she is in her final year of Ph.D. Did Vidya Pradeep know that her pursuit of films would land her a flurry of roles in a short span? The model turned actress, who is foraying into Mollywood is yet to come to terms with the fact that she has shared the screen with some actors whom she always followed. A stem biologist by profession, it was her penchant for acting, which prompted her to test the showbiz water. Vidya Pradeep is an Indian Actress, Who works in South Indian Films and a Research Scientist at the reputed Hospital And Research Center in Chennai. She had learned the classical dance for seven years. Her Debut film was Kammath & Kammath (2013). She is a Malayali based in Chennai. Vidya began her career with modeling and seen in close to 200 commercials, which includes everything from Small screen to various magazines and newspaper. In the year 2013, she made her appearance in the film Kammath & Kammath. Later she was featured in the music Video called Aabhi Jaa; the song which is composed by The Oscar and Golden Globe Winner A. R. Rahman. A few months down the line, she was offered and signed the film called Saivam directed by A. L. Vijay in which she essayed the role of Sara, Arjun’s Mother, which was a Box office hit. She’d gone from Fab to Fat to essay a role of an Elderly woman in Saivam. She continues her acting in Adhibar (2015) action drama as the female protagonist opposite to Jeevan, which wasn’t Critically Acclaimed. Vidya later made her appearance in Pandiraj’s Pasanga 2 (2015). She was signed and worked in the company of S.V.Ramadoss. She portrayed the mother of a small child. Vidya raised many eyebrows and applauded for her acting skills in the film. Vidya Pradeep spent her childhood in Alleppey, and now she is playing the lead role in Actor turned director Baburaj’s upcoming film Pachakarimbu.


Manisha Jith

Manisha Jith is a South Indian actress who started her career as a child artist. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 1st January 1993. She has done around 45 movies as a child artist. As a child artist, her first movie was ‘Gambeeram’ starring, Sarathkumar. In the movie, she played the role of his daughter. ‘Gambeeram’ is a Tamil movie released in the year 2004 which had Sarathkumar and Laila in the lead roles. The movie received and exorbitant opening and was an average grosser at the box office. After the experience of more than 45 movies as a child artist, she was promoted as a heroine and made her debut as an actress in the movie ‘Nanbargal Kavanathirku’. The film is a great mix of young and old actors. Its senior actors are Mahadevan, Raj Kapoor, and Thalaivasal Vijay. The movie was released on 4th January 2013, and it received a good response. The Performance of Manisha Jith was highly appreciated by many veteran actors and directors. As a child, Manisha was highly interested in acting and wanted to pursue acting as her career. At a very young age, she started acting and became a child artist. She became very popular and received huge appreciation for her role as a child artist in many movies. Her dedication towards acting paid off and she made her debut as a heroine in the movie ‘Kamara Kattu’ which released in the year 2015. The movie is the story of two college boys who got murdered by the mothers of two girls whom they love. The ghost of the boys return and haunt the girls and seek vengeance. It received huge appreciation, and Manisha Jith did full justice to her role, and her work was highly appreciated. Manisha became a through professional after she did the movie ‘Kamara Kattu’. She also acted in Vindhai movie which was also released in the year 2015.

Manisha Jith Tamil Actress