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Narthagi Swathi Tamil Actress

Narthagi Swathi

Narthagi Swathi’s full name is Swathi Shanmugam also known by the names Sai Swathi, Swathisa, Nayana, and Pon Swathi. She is a model and a South Indian actress who works in the Tamil film industry. She was born in Tamil Nadu, Chennai which is her hometown too. Her religion is Hinduism, her father’s name is Shanmugam, and mother’s name is Vishalakshi. She did her schooling from Good Shepherd school. She made her debut into the Tamil film industry with the film named “VeettodaMappillai” in which she played a small role. The director of the film was V. Sekhar, and the producer was S. S. Durai Raju. She also worked in many other movies such as Maalumi, Thiru Vi Ka Poonga, Viyabari, Narthagi, OnbadhuRoobalNottu, PathiramaPathukkunga, Aathi, ChithiraiThingal, Pallikoodam Saatchi, Pandigai, EnakkulEtho, Savarikkadu, Cuckoo, and NodikkuNodi. Among the above pictures, Narthagi was her most successful film. The director of the film was Vijayapadma, and the producer was Punnagai Poo Geetha under the production company named “SG Films Pvt Ltd.” It released in the cinemas on 13 May 2011. The film majorly focussed on the issues faced by the transgender group of the society. She later appeared in the film “OruIyakkunarinKadhal Diary” which in the English language means “A Film Director’s love diary.” She played the lead role opposite to the male lead played by the actor Velu Prabhakaran who was also the director and writer of this film. The film made under the production company named “Sure Invincible Innovations.” It released in the theatres on 2 June 2017. It was an adult film which falls under the genre of drama, thriller, and romance, and it shows the power of love. In the film Savarikkadu, she played a character named “Latha” who is a college girl. She worked with her co-stars Rajapandi, Ravindran, Renuka, and Soori who played the role of her college friends. The movie was a comedy thriller which released in the theatres on 21 July 2017. She worked under the direction and production of MN Krishnakumar whose co-producer was G Murali, and the production manager was R Nagarajan. The film made under the production company named AnnaiTherasa Films. It shows the story of a girl who gets lost in a place called Savarikkadu. After hearing her scream, her friends wake up from their sleep and decide to divide into parts to find her.