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Nishanth is an upcoming Tamil actor who has worked in projects like Metro (2016). He studied at St.Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in Chennai before pursuing engineering at Prathyusha Engineering College, Tiruvallur. During his days as a student, Nishanth always had an eye for extra-curricular activities. He participated in a lot of such competitions with great enthusiasm and won laurels as well. Eventually, R. Paneerselvam (film director) spotted Nishanth at a college level dance programme which led the latter to be cast as a fledgling crook named Pandurangan in Renigunta (2009). Loosely based on a gang of young criminals in an Andhra Pradesh town of Renigunta, the movie got mixed reviews with the viewers praising the raw talent while criticising its weak plot. His next release Thoonga Nagaram (2011) was directed by Gaurav Narayanan who happened to make his directorial debut with this movie. Nishanth played Mariappan, one of the four friends. Produced by Cloud Nine Movies, principal photography took place in the city of Madurai itself. Released on 4 February 2011, Thoonga Nagaram was praised for its slick narrative and made 10 crore rupees at the Box-Office. Thoonga Nagaram was declared as “Superhit.” In 2013, he appeared in Naan Rajavaga Pogiren. It marked the first appearance of Avani Modi in Tamil cinema. Nishanth portrayed the supporting role of Wahab in this film, where his character is a college friend of the protagonist. The movie got a lukewarm response and was moderately successful in terms of finance. In 2014, he collaborated with Gaurav Narayanan for his next project Sigaram Thodu. UTV Motion Pictures produced the action thriller which got released on 12 September, 2014. The movie was critically acclaimed for its realism. Apparently, Gaurav met a fraudster to learn on how credit/debit cards could get scammed as it would help the director to helm the movie perfectly. Nishanth starred in another crime thriller Metro (2016) which dealt with the subject of chain snatching in Chennai. Nishanth played the role of Ganesh, one of the gang members who would snatch chains from innocent people. Metro had its share of controversies when it was certified “A” (Adults Only) by the Censor Board for its violent content. However, the makers did not agree to trim the concerned scenes. Further, the state’s censor body decided to ban the movie which delayed the release. In the end, the film got screened in theatres without any cuts despite getting an “A” certificate. Though its slow pace raised some eyebrows, people applauded Metro for raising the issue of safety. It is said that the actors who played the role of thieves including Nishanth, were asked to practice the art of snatching chains. Later, Nishanth acted in Pazhaya Vannarapettai under the direction of Mohan G. This political drama released on 2 December 2016 to positive reviews with Nishanth getting appreciated for his refreshing take on his character.


K S G Venkatesh

K.S.G. Venkatesh is a veteran film actor of the film industry in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Till date, he has been a part of more than twenty-five Tamil films and has also had a fledging career in the Tamil TV industry, having worked on more than twenty TV shows. Venkatesh is someone who was born into the film industry down south; his father is the legendary K.S. Gopalakrishnan, who worked in the industry as a director, screenwriter, lyricist and even a producer. It was his father who launched his son’s film career with the film Athaimadi Methaiadi in the year 1989. Despite being someone who could have picked and chosen lead roles due to the stature of his father, Venkatesh didn’t hesitate to work in movies where he wasn’t the central figure. An example of this would be the 1992 film Naalaya Seidhi, where he played a supporting role. The movie is also popular among the audience for being the debut Tamil film of popular actress and TV personality Archana Puran Singh. Venkatesh also played a part in the movie, ‘Maindhan’. The film wasn’t very well received; a review of the Indian Express was fairly critical of some of the more crass bits of humor found in the movie whilst also stating that it showed the viewers nothing new or fresh; it was a rehash, and a poor one at that. In recent times, he has taken to playing more mature roles due to his advancing age. He played a supporting role in the 2015 movie Paayum Puli, which is an action film that revolves around a police officer trying to bring down a notorious gangster. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some calling it a film that can be watched only once whilst other reviewers were less kind and criticized the film’s repetitive tropes. He also acted in the 2016 Tamil romantic comedy film Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum, which was an official remake of a Korean film called My Dear Desperado. He starred as the father of the lead actress. The film did good numbers at the box office and was also roundly praised by critics. He also had a small role in the popular Tamil film Sathuranga Vettai, a film revolving around a conman. This role is what restarted his film career after a successful stint in the TV industry. In television, he has acted in over 2,500 episodes of a variety of serials. These include but are not limited to ‘Gokulam Veedu’, ‘Amma’, ‘Mahabharatham’, and ‘Mangai’.

K S G Venkatesh Tamil Actor