Lal Weerasinghe

Other names of Lal Weerasinghe: Veer Singh

Lal Weerasinghe is an Indian writer and actor, popular amongst the audience for his work in movies like Aathma Warusha (2015), Singa Machan Charlie (2015), and Muthu Salamba (2011).

Mostly known for his involvement in the Tamil Cinema, he has worked as a director, co-writer, actor and even as a stunt performer. In 2011, Weerasinghe made his acting debut with Kusum Chandra Gamage’s Tamil film Muthu Salamba, also starring Anusha Damayanthi and Dilani Madurasinghe.

He was considerably praised for his role of Vishwa. After featuring in Aathma Warusha, Weerasinghe went on to direct and co-write Singa Machan Charlie (2015), starring Tennyson Cooray and Anusha Damayanthi alongside him.