Venkat Raghavan is a Tamil director who has directed the venture Muthina Kathirikai. Before becoming a director, he was the assistant director of several Sundar C’s films. Muthina Kathirikai has Sundar C in the lead role. Poona Bajwa shares screenspace with Sundar C in the film.

Ram Tamil Actor


His real name is Ramasubramaniam. Born in Tamil Nadu, Ram is an Indian director who directs Tamil movies. He had an interest in literature. Hence, he earned the post-graduate degree Master of Arts from the Madras Christian College. He learned to write stories in the Tamil language. He wrote scripts for few short films but then went towards the direction line. He worked with Thangar Bachan for few movies and then he was suggested to meet Rajkumar Santoshi. Rama was initially reluctant about the suggestion since his fear was that he could not understand Hindi and Rajkumar was the director of Hindi films. After resisting a bit, he finally decided to meet the director. He got impressed by him and joined him. He moved to Mumbai and assisted Rajkumar in making of films like ‘Pukar’ and ‘Lajja’. He helped him shaping the story of Lajja. After assisting Rajkumar, he went to work under Balu Mahendra. Ram regards him as his teacher. He describes Mahendra as the one who helped him convert himself from a film maniac to a film student. Balu was a cinematographer and knew a lot about cinematic techniques. Under him, Rama learned the technical aspects of cinema. In 2007, Ram released his debut film Kattradhu Thamizh, which gave strong critical acclaims. It was exempted from entertainment tax. The film depicted a social issue showing the deterioration of our mother tongue in our country. The specialty of the movie was it gave a chance to all new-comers. It was not just a debut film of Ram but of others as well. The film was featured in many states across Chennai, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc. The film was promoted well everywhere and also stayed in controversies now and then. It featured social inequality and how a degree holder struggles day and night to find a suitable job for him. The story, depiction, screenplay were highly appreciated. It received such critical praise that people called it a “cult classic.” Many actors and directors termed it as the precious gem of cinema. It got nominated for many prestigious awards. Ram got highly motivated by the film, and as soon as he received such appreciation, he started working on his next project. He next released the movie “Thanga Meengal” in the year 2013. It was also based on a social issue of how an average man’s life changes because of globalization and the education system of today’s society. The film was the Best Feature Film in Tamil cinema. It won National Film Awards and Vijay Awards and also received awards at the Chennai International Film Festival. It became the only Tamil movie to be selected in Indian Panorama in IFFI, Goa. Ram also came to be known as Ram Subhu, and he is the one to taste success one after other.



Thiraivannan, also famous for his great comedy in his films, is an Indian director and writer. He is originally from Ramanathapuram, a city also known as Ramnad. He currently resides in Chennai, India. His interest includes lyric writing and film-making. In the Tamil Cinema Industry, he gets appreciation for his excellent sense of humor which reflects in his films, and its' scripts. His name can also be written as Thirai Vannan. He started his career in 2010 with his debut film 'Kacheri Arambam' as a director. This film has Jiiva and Poonam Bajwa as lead characters and J. D. Chakravarthy playing a vital role. 'Kacheri Arambam' is a comedy action film which released on 19th March 2010. Of course, the first movie is an important one for every director, but for Thiraivannan, this film is close to his heart as it is shot in his hometown Ramanathapuram. Besides direction, the' writer' of Kacheri Arambam is also Thiraivannan. He took help of the realistic situations around him and observed them regularly to write the script of his debut project. The film did not do well for the critics. But for the director, it was a success adventure. Though it got negative critic reviews, it was a hit at that time. Due to fascinating trailers and catchy songs by composer D. Imman, the audience expected a lot from it, and a maximum number of people went to the cinemas to watch the film. It is enough for a movie to grab the attention of the audience and enjoy it. Thiraivannan has worked in two films till now. Both of them are pretty humorous and comedy, having variety in scripts with funny dialogues. His second film was 'Adra Machan Visilu' which was released last year on 7th July 2016. The movie casts Naina Sarwar, Shiva, Srinivasan, and, Jangiri Madhumita in the lead roles. The topic in the comedy thriller film Adra Machan Visilu, according to the audience and critics was an important one to be focused upon, in the current scenario of the cinema industry. Critics also mentioned that the film could have been better if the director would have interpreted it well. The director, as well as the writer of this movie, is Thiraivannan. Thiraivannan takes his own time to research and come up with new projects but this time he is soon preparing his next project, and will start working on the script. He is undoubtedly a brilliant personality who gives way to a different and rare topic every time. He is blessed definitely for making people laugh by such hilarious films, and his fans always admire his work. Fans also wish to see this kind of hard-working man in other departments of film-making, besides writing and direction. No one knows which surprise he would give in his next.  

Thiraivannan Tamil Actor