Naga Venkatesh Tamil Actor
Other Skills

An Indian movie executive, Naga Venkatesh made his presentation in 2016 with the Tulu parody family show Pavitra, which included Chirashree Anchan Chirashree Anchan is a film actress who works pred >> Read More... Chirashree Anchan and Shravanth Rao Shravanth Rao is an Indian film actor who has pred >> Read More... Shravanth Rao in lead jobs. Next, he coordinated the Tamil lighthearted comedy Narathan, featuring Nakul Jaidev and Nikeesha Patel, around the same time.

His past film to hit the auditoriums was Narathan in the year 2016. His way to deal with excitement is unique. He sees the truth with a shadowed overlay which causes him to depict the merciless reality with a bit of additional style.

He cuts out a basic story into a perfect work of art with his abilities of film making. He may be a novice, yet one ought not to accept this as his shortcoming. He is the freshness that was required in this industry. He gives a pizazz to the contemporary Kollywood industry.