Senthil Kumaran Muniandy Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Director of Photography

Senthil Kumaran Munaindy is an Indian Director of Photography, cinematographer, and actor who works primarily in the Tamil film industry. In 2015, he debuted as a supporting actor, as well as the DOP, in the Tamil feature film, Jagat, written & directed by Shanjey Kumar Perumal Shanjey Kumar Perumal is a Malaysian Film Writer a >> Read More... Shanjey Kumar Perumal . Initially, Jagat was made as a short film, which later got expanded to a feature film.

Senthil played the gangster in the short film and a minor character called Bala in the feature film, which went on to win the Best Film award amongst all Malaysian movies that year. As the DOP, he successfully managed to portray the 1990s era using appropriate lighting and clever shots. Senthil worked with Shanjey again on a short documentary called Satori, which was another hit in the Malaysian cinemas.

In 2017, he worked as a cinematographer on Teacher: The Tradition Bearer. Directed by IndraniKopal, it is a Tamil documentary on Indira Manikam, a renowned Bharatanatyam teacher of Malaysia and the founder of Tanjai Kamala Indira Dance School (TKI). He is also credited as the DOP for Venpa (2019), a Tamil rom-com directed by K. KaviNanthan starring AgalyahManiam and YuvarajKrishnasamy in the lead roles.