M. Sukumar was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a professional cinematographer in the Indian Cinema. He has worked in movies in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and much more. M. Sukumar’s brother M. Jeevan was a photographer in the Tamil Film Industry. Sukumar began his career in the Tamil Film Industry by helping his brother. The year when he began working was 1995. He was pursuing a course on agriculture in a college when he started to assist his brother Jeevan. Jeevan was appointed to do a photo session in Minsara Kanavu, which was a film directed by R. Menon in the year 1997. M. Sukumar made his debut in the Industry with this movie.

He made his debut not as an actor but as an assistant photographer. He continued with this profession in many films, like Minnai in the year 2001, in 2002 he did Samurai, and then in 2002 he did a movie named King. After King, he became a very special friend of the lead actor of the movie, Vikram. His friendship with Vikram paved the way for Sukumar to become a successful cinematographer in the Tamil Film Industry. The actor Vikram appointed Sukumar as the official photographer in his movie. The movies where he worked were Dhool in the year 2003 and Majaa in the year 2005.

When the film Kokki was launched in the year 2006, the director of the film P. Solomon wanted to appoint Sukumar as the cinematographer for his film, but Sukumar refused to accept the opportunity. His refusal leads to the fact that his brother Jeevan would now get the opportunity to be the cinematographer. So Jeevan was appointed. However, at the end of the film, Jeevan was busy with some other work, and so Sukumar got the opportunity to complete the shooting of the rest of the film.

After the movie Kokki, Sukumar worked for the same director in other movies like Ladaam in 2009, Maina in 2010 and Kumka in the year 2012. The last two films made him very famous. He won some great awards for his work. These awards paved the way for him to work in bigger films having more budget. He worked in films like Man Karate and Niliman Hills, which meant that he was not able to work for P. Solomon in his film Kayal in the year 2012. Later director A. R. Murgadoss appointed him to shoot a scene in the movie Holiday starring in the year 2014.