Gopi Jagadeeswaran is an Indian cinematographer who is known for his contribution to the Tamil film industry. He has worked as a part of the photography crew in numerous commercial Kollywood movies. Jagadeeswaran’s talent for videography and capturing motion in detail has made him a sought after figure in entertainment circles. He started with amateur photography and then pushed on to the big leagues in a pursuit to develop his talent.

He came into focus in mainstream media in 2011 with his work in the movie, ‘YuvanYuvathi (2011),’ where he worked as a part of the photography crew. His skill with the camera setup and his dedication to the field produced a succession of movies in which he worked. He is associated with several Tamil films such as ‘InnimayIppadithan,’ ‘Ezhumin (2018),’ and ‘A1 (2019).’ He was the cinematographer for ‘A1: Accused No. 1’, a romantic comedy directed by Johnson K. Jagadeeshwaram continues to ply his skills across the world of cinema.