Baby Tejaswini Tamil Actress
Other Skills
    - Child Artist

Baby Tejaswini is a female child actor in Kollywood. She made her debut with the movie ' Pasanga Click to look into! >> Read More... Pasanga -2' which was produced by actor Suriya and Pandiraj. This film was a sequel to the movie Pasanga (2009) and the child actors Nishesh and Vaishnavi debuted through the sequel of the movie and was in the lead roles.

Most of the pranks by child artists are delivered as a part of some play or game, and what better movie to represent this practice than one with the actual word in its title? 'Pasanga' or 'Pasanga - 2' depicts some back-and-forth naughty and childish pranks of every child actors.

A Telugu dubbed version, titled 'Menu' was also released in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on 8 July,2016. In this movie. Tejaswini played the role of Kamakshi. The film was a great hit at the box office and earned Rs 50 Crore worldwide in just 100 days.

The movie was also screened free for children under ten years, after its three weeks of release. In the year 2017, she also acted in a movie titled 'Eliyahu Naavu Geleyaru,' that brought together nearly a dozen kids who are part of a television reality show.

The first half of the film showed in detail the pranks that the children could provide. Vikram Soori has directed the movie which had actors liked Achintya, Nihal, Abhishek, Amogh, Tushal, Puttaraju, Mahendra, Sooraj, Mahiti. The excellent photography by Ashok Raman stand out, and the music is also given by Ashok Raman. The little TV stars gave their best, and the director was able to extract the best performance from the kids.