B Arundhati is an indian playback singer and classical singer. She works in malayalam, telugu, and tamil film industries. She married a bank manager whose name is t. Hariharan. She has two children, a daughter, and a son. Her elder daughter’s name is charu hariharan. She completed her master’s in psychology and plays mridangam.

Charu is also a playback singer and sung a few songs. Her younger son’s name is srikanth hariharan. Srikanth is a violinist and also sings well. B. Arundhati started her career with the song “kiliye kiliye” (1986). She sang songs like “alasara parithaapam” (1989), “suma sayaka” (1987), “snehikkunnu njan” (1989), “hari namadheyam” (2000), “maara sannibhakara” (2014), and many more songs.