Rani Larius, who hails from Alappuzha, Kerala, is the descendent of S.L Larius and Mrs. Kunjamma Larius. Her father is an honoured personality,a well-known painter and is also a member of Lalitha Kala Academy. She completed her studies from St. Joseph’s College for Women and graduation in Fine Arts from S.S School of Arts. She was a very interactive student. She used to complete every task on time. Right from her childhood she used to give many stage performances and get appreciations from the faculty and her friends.

Her parents were always very supportive. Whatever maybe the competition, she always used to participate. She never bothered about victory but she always gave priority to participation. Participating in various drama candidacies drew her interest towards acting in films. So, that is what she told her parents. And with their support, she started acting in films. She has started acting in films from the year 1999. From the year 1999-2009, she has almost acted in more than 50 films in Malayalam itself. She started her career with her debut film “Njan Gandharvan”. She got a very good response from her debut role. Njan Gndharvan was a romantic film written and directed by Padmaja Rajan, which starred Nitish Bharadwaj Nitish Bharadwaj is an accomplished Indian actor, >> Read More... Nitish Bharadwaj and Suparna Anand Suparna Anand is a Mumbai-born actress, widely kno >> Read More... Suparna Anand in the lead roles.

She loved the character that she played in that film. Every role is a challenge to her. She keeps on trying something new rather than doing same old roles multiple times and that made her grapple many astonishing roles in her career. Acting in 50 films in the same industry is not an easy task. She even left a few opportunities that she got from other industries. That shows her respect towards the Malayalam industry. After acting in Njan Gandharvan, she took some time to bounce back with another flick. That was the only drawback in her career.

Though she has acted in many films there are a few which made her very popular. “Nakshatra Koodaram” was one of the films which belonged to that category and which brought her a huge appreciation. Later she acted in“First Bell”, which was written and directed by PG Vishwambaram and starred Jayaram and Anushain the lead roles. Later she acted in films like “ Highway Click to look into! >> Read More... Highway ,”“Satyam”, “Naran” and she eventuallygained huge respect and recognition in the industry. Meanwhile on her family’s suggestion she got married to Jackeline Mathew. Later, they were blessed with a baby boy. Recently, her son became popular with his debut film “Little Superman 3D.”