Rajakokila is one among the most remarkable heroines during 1970-1980 and was the reigning queen then. She has made a history by acting in almost all the South Indian languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Back then, acting was just in the budding level for many young and beautiful ladies. She was so beautiful that everyone was stunned by her dazzling charm, even in the black and white screen. She has most beautiful assets such as eyes, eyebrows and lips that compliment her beauty.

She was known to be most appropriate for any dashing, glamorous and leading role in the movies. She is known to have entered the room industry and made her debut in acting in the year 1963 in the movie named "Yakshi." She then got committed and tied her nuptial know with Crossbelt Mani Crossbelt Mani was born in Thiruvananthapuram on 2 >> Read More... Crossbelt Mani . Acting skill is known to have been in her veins; even her niece was also one of the renowned artists in the film industry.