Adoor Bhavani Malayalam Actress
  • DOB : 1927
  • Date of death: 25-10-2009

Adoor Bhavani was an Indian actress. She worked in Malayalam films. She was born in Adoor in the year 1927. Her parents were Adoor Kunjuraman Raman Pillai and Kunjukunjamma. She was popular for her role of Chakki in Chemmeen which released in the year 1965 and became a National-award winning film. 

Bhavani acted in around 450 films in her entire career. Her first film was Sheriyo Thetto. Some of her films included Kallichellamma, Pearl View, Vilakkyu Vaangiya Veena, Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi and Maniyan Pilla Adhava Maniyan Pilla. 

Adoor Pankajam, her sister, was also a part of the Malayalam film industry. The last film of her career was Sethurama Iyer CBI directed by K. Madhu in the year 2004. Apart from working in films, Adoor Bhavani also acted in theatres. She became a part of a popular theatre group named KPAC.

Bhavani got the Kerala state film award for the best actress for the film Kallichellamma, in 1969. In 2002, she won the Chalachithra Saparya Lifetime Achievement award. Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy honoured both the sisters for their amazing work.