Birthday: 24-07-1946
Age: 72
Star sign: Leo
Janardhanan is a Malayalam film actor, who started his career in villain roles. Despite having gotten his start in villain roles, he was able to combine a strong comedic ability with many more various characters, whether he played a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi or even a Sikh character. Well, this Malayalam actor began his career as a villain, but later turned into comedy roles. He made his debut in 1969 in the film "Veettu Mrugam". He has acted in more than 400 films in Malayalam so far. 
Although he started playing brusque villains in the 1970s, later went on to establish himself as a highly-sought after comedian. The turning point in his career was his role in 1988 film Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, which brought out his comic skills. He is known particularly for his style of handling humour with his iconic voice. 
When it comes to comedy and villain roles — is that as an actor you’ll be stuck in a niche and directors will be unwilling to cast him in a more diverse set of roles once an audience grows accustomed to seeing they play the same thing again and again. This happened a great deal with actors like Janardhanan, whom people had only watched in a specific type of roles as a comedian. He has been just typecast. This versatile actor was born in 1946 in Ullala (Kerala). He was a dropout from degree courses in Thiruvananthapuram University college and joined the Air force, While he was getting trained in the Air Force, he discontinued his service there and returned home to do business. Later on, he pursued his degree again in commerce from a private college in Neeyyattinkara( Kerala) and got a debut in a documentary (Prathisanthi). He did not take up even the banking job in Central Bank of India and took up the opportunity in acting. His journey to filmdom was successful later on. He got married to Vijayalakshmi and they have two daughters.
Jacob Gregory Malayalam Actor

Jacob Gregory

Jacob Gregory has mainly worked in Malayalam films. The 2013 Malayalam flick ABCD is his debut film. This film was directed by Martin Prakkat. The TV series (online sitcom) Akkarakazchagal showcased his acting prowess and he gained recognition for his performance. The name of his character in this series is Gregory or ‘Giri Giri.” This character was well crafted. This TV series was instrumental in Jacob Gregory travelling Canada, U.S. and Europe. He performed various shows based upon this series. In fact, Jacob was so engrossed with the character Girigiri that he used to imitate it in real life too.    Jacob hails from Alappuzha and was living in Dumont for 20 years. Jacob confesses that he was always interested in acting and he enjoyed working in Akkarakazchagal. Jacob loves his experience in Mollywood and would like to get meaty roles.    Gregory was referred to Martin, who later cast him in his flick ABCD. Jacob shared screen space with Dulquer Salmaan in this film. This film set the cash registers ringing and Jacob’s portrayal was very comical in the movie. He had worked in the flick Ennum Eppozhum alongside Mohanlal.    American Focus and Ezhuthappuram are the other sitcoms in which Jacob Gregory worked. Though Jacob had limitations before, he changed that, and audience started accepting him. He has a spontaneous style of acting and is a top notch comedian in Mollywood. Jacob was earning his living in USA for several years. Then the series Akkarakazchagal happened and that was a turning point in his career. That serial was a milestone in Malayalam serials history and the audience could relate well with the character. Jacob became a notable star after this serial. He indeed stole the serial with his spectacular performance. Then ABCD happened. Now Jacob is indeed a star to reckon with.



Divyadarshan is a Malayalam actor who appears in Malayalam films. He is the son of actors Rajendran and Sandhya Rajendran. He comes from a family where acting runs in their blood. His uncle Mukesh is also a renowned Malayalam actor.    To get a break in cinema and climb the ladder of success is not easy. Therefore, it is a tough job for this young aspirant actor. An enthusiastic, energetic actor Divyadarshan Engoor was lucky to be born in a home of film fraternity. Hence, one can say that acting was in his destiny and he followed his destiny with a sense of his own conviction. Before joining films, he had a passion for sports and made a name in sports activities too.    He made his debut in Hide N Seek that got released in 2012 and this film gave way to stardom. After this break, he got handful of offers to sign, but he was not interested in every projects that came in his way and became selective. He was not a signing spree actor at all. After Hide N seek was released, he signed a couple of films only which include Mr Bean, Teens and Avardue Veedu. His upcoming films include 16th Floor, which is his own home production.    Now he is taking care of the business firm, Kalidasa Video division, a part of Kalidasa Kalakendran, a renowned drama company founded by O Madhavan. Now-a-days even Malayalam actors are walking the extra mile to get into the industry in footsteps of Bollywood. Month before their debut, they get launched in their own home productions, and Divyadrashan is also one of them. Even many Malayalam star kids had taken inspiration to join cinema because of their relatives or parents involvement in the industry and to add to this, some actors, even try to get into preparing each and every aspect of film industry.    Being born in family of film fraternity, it helps them putting in much more time and efforts before getting a break in cinema, and Divyadarshan is no exceptional one. The media and movie fanatics will therefore would be eagerly waiting to watch the stardom of this new actor in forthcoming days.

Divyadarshan Malayalam Actor