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Janardhanan Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
Janardhanan is a Malayalam film actor, who started his career in villain roles. Despite having gotten his start in villain roles, he was able to combine a strong comedic ability with many more various characters, whether he played a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi or even a Sikh character. Well, this Malayalam actor began his career as a villain, but later turned into comedy roles. He made his debut in 1969 in the film "Veettu Mrugam". He has acted in more than 400 films in Malayalam so far. 
Although he started playing brusque villains in the 1970s, later went on to establish himself as a highly-sought after comedian. The turning point in his career was his role in 1988 film Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, which brought out his comic skills. He is known particularly for his style of handling humour with his iconic voice. 
When it comes to comedy and villain roles — is that as an actor you’ll be stuck in a niche and directors will be unwilling to cast him in a more diverse set of roles once an audience grows accustomed to seeing they play the same thing again and again. This happened a great deal with actors like Janardhanan, whom people had only watched in a specific type of roles as a comedian. He has been just typecast. This versatile actor was born in 1946 in Ullala (Kerala). He was a dropout from degree courses in Thiruvananthapuram University college and joined the Air force, While he was getting trained in the Air Force, he discontinued his service there and returned home to do business. Later on, he pursued his degree again in commerce from a private college in Neeyyattinkara( Kerala) and got a debut in a documentary (Prathisanthi). He did not take up even the banking job in Central Bank of India and took up the opportunity in acting. His journey to filmdom was successful later on. He got married to Vijayalakshmi and they have two daughters.